Sound Studio


WORM’s Sound Studio was founded in 2013 by Lukas Simonis and Henk Bakker (aka Klangendum), who are both long term organisers (and co-founders) at WORM. They have produced countless events and productions for radio, studio and stage. Klangendum’s productions reach an extended network worldwide of independent and innovative radio stations, such as, Resonance FM (UK), Soundartradio (UK), Curious Broadcast (Ireland), Orange (AUT),  WMFU (NEW JERSEY), ORF (AUT) and VPRO, NOS and Concertzender (NL). Klangendum has also appeared on festivals like Incubate en STRP.

Klangendum: Producers and Makers

WORM and Klangendum organise studio residencies and workshops (anything goes, from sound synthesis, pure data and Ableton Live, to field recordings and building your own instrument) in our analogue studio. Klangendum also produces a weekly radio show for the Concertzender and occasional shows for Radia FM.

Klangendum releases and distributes work on CD, cassette and vinyl. We have a large digital archive of live concerts and studio residencies which we publish through the Free Music Archive.  Our interests and expertise are in making radio plays, documentaries and fictionalised radio drama. We do sound, and site-specific projects, soundwalks and installations. We also organise concerts, live radio “happenings” and live radio play performances.

Worm Sound Studio

Klangendum manage the Worm Sound Studio; home of a wide collection of analogue instruments and vintage synths. In and around the studio we organise residencies and workshops. The Studio has a “plug and play” ethos, designed for very easy recording or hooking up with midi.

Educational Activities

WORM & KLangendum organise workshop modules for schools, and coaching for second phase art school education. The workshops are held in and around the analogue studio for editing and production software, hardware introduction and sound synthesis in the studio, building your own instruments, and special themes like field recording, radio plays and song poems, or music and performance production. Again, anything goes.

Feel free to ask about our residency programme (lukas at, and check our blog.