Contact / Opening Times

General enquires

info [at] worm [dot] org
Tel: +31 (0)10 4767832

WORM’s programmes create and host a wide range of art forms. In principle, the initiative lies with WORM, but we are curious to hear what you can surprise us with. If you have an idea, a proposal or a desire to collaborate, please contact the programmer most closely related to your discipline by email. As we receive many requests, it is impossible to answer everyone individually. You may therefore not hear from us. We apologise for this.

PR materials

We always welcome journalists and film crews to WORM’s Open City. Would you like to receive images, press releases or background information about WORM? Please contact


Specific enquires

  • Tickets /refunds questions. tickets [at] worm [dot] org
  • Artistic director. Charlien Adriaenssens: charlien [at] worm [dot] org
  • Business director. Teun de Booij: teun [at] worm [dot] org
  • Hiring of WORM’s spaces (for non-public events). Mark Molenaar: mark [at] worm [dot] org
  • Production. Kim Hoorweg: production [at] worm [dot] org
  • Communications. Emilia Kempel & Nia Konstantinova: pr [at] worm [dot] org
  • Programming: programma [at] worm [dot] org
  • Film. Tim Leyendekker: tim [at] worm [dot] org
  • Art and Performance. Henrietta Muller: henrietta [at] worm [dot] org
  • Club. Frederik Teixeira:  frederik [at] worm [dot] org
  • Music. Lukas Simonis: music [at] worm [dot] org
  • WORM Pirate Bay. James Parnell: james [at] worm [dot] org
  • Filmwerkplaats. Esther Urlus: filmwerkplaats [at] worm [dot] org
  • WORM Sound Studio. Lukas Simonis: soundstudio [at] worm [dot] org
  • Radio WORM. Ash Kilmartin: radio [at] worm [dot] org

Opening Times

Our menu, #Wunderbar is currently open at these times:

  • #Wunderbar is currently open at these times through the summer.
    Monday – Thursday 12:00-01:00
    Friday – Saturday 12:00-02:00
    Sunday 12:00-01:00

We do not take reservations, walk-ins only!


All spaces at WORM are accessible (WAV and elevator).


Stichting WORM
Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam

PO Box:
Postbus 25045
3001 HA Rotterdam

Financial information

KvK: 24293939
BTW: NL-8087.50.306.B01
WORM is een ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling).  Statutaire Naam: Stichting WORM. RSIN of fiscaal nummer: 8087500306B01