Contact / Opening Times


For questions regarding the hiring of WORM please mail Mark Molenaar: mark [at] worm [dot] org
For questions regarding production and venue specs / floor plans, please mail Anka Pajor: anka [at] worm [dot] org

For questions about WORM policy or WORM’s corporate communications
● PR (Richard Foster, Nia Konstantinova, Epifania Queta) pr [at] worm [dot] org
● Janpier Brands. General Director. Janpier [at] worm [dot] org

For specific questions regarding programming your project at WORM, please mail the following:

Khalil Ryahi: Programme Coordinator + WORM Club Khalil [at] worm [dot] org

Tim Leyendekker: Film. Tim [at] worm [dot] org

Art and Performance. Charlien Andriaenssens : Contact: Charlien [at] worm [dot] org and Henrietta Muller: Contact: Henrietta [at] worm [dot] org

James Parnell: WORM Pirate Bay. James [at] worm [dot] org

Richard Foster: Music + Talks. Richard [at] worm [dot] org

Esther Urlus: Filmwerkplaats. Esther [at] worm [dot] org

Lukas Simonis: WORM Sound Studios and Radio WORM. Lukas [at] worm [dot] org


Tel: +31 (0)10 4767832


Stichting WORM
Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam

PO Box:
Postbus 25045
3001 HA Rotterdam


KvK: 24293939
BTW: NL-8087.50.306.B01
WORM is een ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling)

Opening Times

#Wunderbar is currently open at these times. Monday-Thursday 17:00-01:00, Friday 17:00-02:00, Saturday 14:00-02:00, Sunday 1400-0100.