WORM x Radiophrenia, Glasgow

WORM's residency at the Creative Lab of CCA Glasgow

During her residency in the Creative Lab of CCA Glasgow, a partnership between radio WORM and Radiophrenia Glasgow, Antrianna Moutoula will continue her research on auto-theory, by reworking the recently discovered letters of her grandmothers through the performance practice of nonstop languaging. The outcome of her residency will be presented live in the Creative Lab and as a broadcast at radiophrenia on Wednesday 23 August at 4pm UK (5pm CET).

Project: Much love, A.

In her performances, Antrianna Moutoula, repeats the same format: a table, a laptop, a projector, and a woman who talks and writes nonstop. In Much love, A. her starting point is a series of letters from her family archive, the correspondence of two Greek women with their partners in exile, between 1958 and 1971. The result is an overload of words, thoughts, quotes, memories, transcriptions, and citations, all seeking their own linearity. The performance was developed during Moutoula’s residency in the Creative Lab of CCA Glasgow, a partnership between radio WORM and Radiophrenia Glasgow.

About Antrianna

Antrianna Moutoula (GR, 1994) lives and works in Amsterdam. Primarily language-based her work spans performance, film, radio, and writing. Driven by the desire to articulate the continuous present, her ongoing research focuses on nonstop languaging, an auto-theoretical practice in which she performs streams of consciousness by tracing her thoughts through language simultaneously in spoken and written form. By engaging with this practice in various contexts, she aims to contribute to a renegotiation of the confinements of knowledge production within artistic academic discourse. Always seeking ephemeral encounters with necessary others, she explores nonstop languaging as a biweekly radio performance at Radio WORM. Moutoula’s practice is currently supported by the Artist Start Grant of the Mondriaan Fonds (NL).

Find more about Antrianna’s project on her website and Instagram page.

Antrianna Moutoula in Glasgow August 2023. Citations by Sandra Golubjevaite.