FEM FEST 2021 After Story

get a taste of fem fest 2021 with this teaser


It has been but a month since WORM X KONTRA FEM FEST 2021 took place. This year Rotterdam’s intersectional feminist festival was all about celebrating the transformative power of feminist action. In this edition FEM FEST centred local independent artists and self organised groups who work towards inclusive spaces that allow actions such as feminism to flourish.

WORM’s very own Nia Konstantinova takes you on a journey through the happenings of this year’s week-long FEM FEST, always highly anticipated and loved event at WORM.

She is writing this piece as part of our legacy. Women’s rights and queer’s rights are human rights, however to this day we live in a society built on social constructs based on inequality. So, when there is a happening celebrating female empowerment and intersectional feminism we need to remember it, archive it, and spread it.

By creating a programme filled with workshops, performances, panels, film screenings and exhibitions, the festival celebrated local and national strives towards gender equality and justice.

What were the takeaways, highlights and BTS moments? Find out in the short reads below!