Review: FEM FEST 2021 KLAUW Sensatica

KLAUW Burlesque Workshop

Connecting to us from Mexico, the undefeated sex siren Peligrosa helped us to unleash our sensuality. The workshop started with a warm-up of our joints under the tunes of sexy vintage music. We were unsure what to expect, so we were wearing different outfits: from sexy leather lingerie to sweatpants and hoodies. The workshop was all about creating a persona and playing the role you would like to embody. For me, the workshop really meant learning how to be comfortable in your own skin and learning to enjoy being seen. As Peligrosa said, it is important to women and queers to reclaim their sexuality. Burlesque can be a part of a larger healing process.

At the end of the workshop, we had learned a little choreo, encompassing: starting pose, seductive walk, second pose, turn, back walk, tease and reveal. Even though Peligrosa is gorgeous, she stressed that it is important we don’t imitate her but find our own alter ego and use it as an inspiration to the character we want to build. And of course, burlesque is not burlesque if there is no humour involved! So, you are encouraged to slap your butt, or pull your straps and have fun!
💜                                                                        💜                                                              💜
At the end of the workshop, Peligrosa divided the group into two. One group had the roles of “spectator” while the other group performed. Then we reversed. Let me tell you, those were some extremely-hot performances! I felt comfortable and powerful sharing this moment with others who were also finding their inner self. We have heard that beauty and sexy comes in all shapes and colours, but when you see it happening in front of you in real-time, you also know you can be it! You are it. Because at the end of the day, there is nothing sexier than loving yourself.

KLAUW Sensatica | The livestream

KLAUW Collective held a live stream in collaboration with the queer burlesque scene of Mexico City. We saw five incredibly masterful burlesque and lip-sync video performances by Rosa Venus, MoiJungla , Escorpiana and NINA NINA. After the heated performances, the two hosts danced the night away under the tunes of DJ Shahmaran. Their movement was infatuating and now, we are thinking about how to host a few dancers in our future live stream events.

The night was inspired by Audre Lorde’s essay “Uses of the erotic: The Erotic As Power”, in which she describes that pleasure is an act of resistance, and that female energy is a force to be reckoned with. A force within each one of us, which is suppressed by the patriarchy still today. When we prioritise our own pleasure and joy our daily life shifts. We create freedom and harness the courage to stand up for ourselves. 

This is what the organisers and hosts Nychenda and Merano had to share:

“Despite the distance and the pandemic, the night showed the strength and what queer ways of relating and kinship can nurture. We are powerful, present and indestructible. These transatlantic performances were a testimony to that.”

Story by Nia Konstantinova
Photos by Berksun Doganer
Sensatica Posters by KLAUW Collective

Watch back the full livestream of KLAUW SENSATICA