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Last toughts on this year's Rotterdam Feminist Festival

Myself and our full FEM FEST crew are overwhelmed by the positive feedback and support. This year more than 1200 people joined FEM FEST online activities. For the first time, larger media like Metropolis M, Elle Magazine and I AM EXPAT took notice of festical. We are also thankful to the Rotterdam Vrouwen Fonds for contributing financially to the programmes made by KONTRA. 

In the era of online events, FEM FEST proved that one can make successful online programmes. But, there are a few things that you would need to do so. Firstly, urgency. We desperately need the space to talk about equality and cherish female energy, self-care and humour. Second, you need to be clear about where people can find the programme and what it is that you want to deliver as an experience. Thirdly, access was an important aspect for us. Most of the events of FEM FEST were free of charge only a few had a small fee. 

BTS Feminist Cult Film

Most importantly there was empathy. You need to be willing to set differences aside and focus on the bigger picture. We know from personal experiences that patriarchy is not going to disappear by itself. We need to come together and rip that system apart. This was something we all knew is beyond ourselves as individuals and is extremely important for us and future generations. We are all tired of fighting for our basic human rights, but there is still so much that has to change. We want to contribute to change with love in our hearts, so see you next year for FEM FEST 2022!

Big thank you to all of the artists and collectives who part took in FEM FEST, and to KONTRA for being our partner. Many thanks to the full WORM crew for the support, Kas Prijs and Robin Esschendal for the livestream and production & MINT Rotterdam for the camera work! Agata Albu for helping with PR and communication & Marion Lissarrague for making all the dope promo visuals!

FEM FEST 2021 was organised by KONTRA’s Joana Cavaco and Nikki Georgiou  & WORM’s Rae Parnell and Mariette Groot.
PR & Communications by Nia Konstantinova, Agata Albu
Photos by Berksun Doganer