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Radio WORM special events in the #Wunderbar

Radio WORM comes out from behind the glass for live gigs and special events with our regular radiomakers and their guests, broadcast direct from inside the #Wunderbar. Grab a drink and join us in the foyer, or tune in online. Always free!



This month, Robbin Hartman (on Radio WORM as DJ One 4 One on Fly Robbin Fly, Thursdays 20u every 4 weeks) invites himself and collaborators along as Vetneck Maanpaard. They sing in dutch. About love/hate and other stuff. Sometimes they sound like a rock band, sometimes they sound like a punk band. Nout plays the drums and sings backup-melodies, Sebastian plays bass, Robbin plays guitar and sings. DJ Hoekboud will also come along to play some records!



SUNDAY 11 DECEMBER 2022: Eat Your Feelings


Expanded Radio #14: Eat Your Feelings

For this edition of Expanded Radio, Eat Your Feelings offers an ASMR “striptease” session of various fruits and vegetables, accompanied by accounts of their sexualisation in pop culture. Using humour, emojis, vinyl music and pick-up mics to enhance the experience, we invite you to an afternoon of experimental fun and games.

We love to play with our food. And we would love it, even more, to do so together with you. Exploring the sounds and textures of these carefully selected “controversial” fruits & veg, composing our own DADA ode to eggplant (*insert vegetable of your choice and adoration), and why not taste them, and examine these juicy protagonists in more sensorial details! We want to involve you in a fun experience, and have informal conversations on the hows and whys of our general fascination with certain shapes and forms.

NB: the veggie protagonists will be available for intimate encounters!

Eat Your Feelings is a monthly radio show by Alina Turdean and June Yu. Alina and June hold conversations about food, eating and the ways we satisfy our nutritional needs and desires, versus the world or their own personal worlds. Discussing childhood memories and eating nostalgia, habits, and particularities; they address complex worldly issues while goofing around with vinyl, rants, and recipes. Eat Your Feelings is a micro-universe of sensations, flavours, and kinks at the tip of the tongue. The radio sessions quickly extended to a monthly cinema series – Eat Your Feelings Cinema – that brings together film screenings, food art, and music to explore from a feminist standpoint provocative subjects and inspire exciting discussions that extend food outside of its domestic context. 

June Yu has a background in astrophysics and a BA in ArtScience and has initiated a series of workshops centring around the idea of multi-species learning during Neuhaus at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. She participated in the program Studium by Kunst Instituut Melly centre for contemporary art, experimenting with forms of collective learning. 

Alina Turdean is a multidisciplinary designer with a background in interior architecture, product, and temporary design. Currently embarking on a quest of integrating food and community in her practice, her main source of inspiration is human interaction and the bonds this creates with the material world, for the most relevant experiences.


SUNDAY 27 NOVEMBER 2022: Audible Artworks with Joshua Thies


Expanded Radio #13: Audible Artworks/RAAR presents: Kexin Hao, Anais Borie, OCGOLTRANE

Joshua Thies of RAAR/Audible Artworks, Radio WORM’s fortnightly favourite, presents an afternoon of live performances from brace of Rotterdam/DenHaag artistic mavericks. Join us in the #Wunderbar for art, music and interviews broadcast simultaneously on Radio WORM.

Kexin Hao is a visual artist and designer born in Beijing and based in The Netherlands. Her practice is a marriage of graphic design and performance art. Kexin’s work is a constant swing between intimate close-up on personal stories and zoom-out to collective narratives; between a past of political heaviness and a flashy modernity rendered in humour and sarcasm. In her recent works, Kevin investigates themes of body, rituals, health, archives and collective memory.

Anaïs Borie is an artist based in Rotterdam, her works aim to produce powerful allegories that embody alternative phantasmagorical worlds to the dominant realities.

OGCOLTRANE is a project of Simone Schuffelen—aka TheSchuffel—artist, jester, strawberry picker, performer, music collector and artistic entrepreneur. OGCOLTRANE is Simone’s three-piece kabaal with sparkles. Now featuring an exclusive tinnitus discount and fresh merchandise!

RAAR is the long-running, nomadic streaming radio program which focuses on live performance of sound art projects by international artists with its base in Rotterdam. Curator and host Joshua Thies is an artist working in the field of sound, musical instrument maker, and the host of Audible Artworks on Radio WORM, Mondays from 15-17u.




Musician, crackle-box player & electro pioneer Truus de Groot (Nasmak/ Plus Instruments, US/NL) talks with Leonor Faber-Jonker about her musical influences and epiphanies. She’s bringing some of her old-time faves – from Tom Jones to Wire – and will share previously unreleased songs from the 1980s that reflect her moments of inspiration and despair in New York City. But that’s not all. Truus is also inviting some of her old pals, including Bregt Camphuijzen, who she made her first Plus Instruments single with in 1980. Truus might also give us a sneak listen of her residency project at WORM (9-16 November). Expect an afternoon of looking back, looking forward, live sounds & other weirdness!

Truus month in WORM

This November, WORM celebrates the work of Truus de Groot as a multidisciplinary artist. WORM’s S/ash Gallery hosts the exhibition GRIT. Truus de Groot in New York City (4-20 November 2022), featuring a.o. 1980s photos and super-8 footage by Truus, as well as documents and objects from her personal archives. Truus will come to Rotterdam for a concert, Movie Night, residency and more. Check out the full programme [here](https://worm.org/production/grit-truus-de-groot-in-new-york-city/)!



Sunday 30 October 2022, Radio WORM’s resident Grime connoisseur Sun O.C. comes to Expanded Radio to highlight new releases from local producers and artists. On this occasion, O.C. invites JLSXND7RS. Expect a warm-up set with O.C., an interview about JLSXND7RS’ new work, and a live set from the man himself.

According to O.C., JLSXND7RS has steadily established himself as the de facto kingpin of Dutch grime. The producer has earned plaudits from Red Bull Music and The FADER as well as prominent radio DJs: Sir Spyro, Slimzee and Logan Sama. In 2017, he ticked off an achievement at the top of any grime producer’s bucket list: Wiley. He supplied the beats for My Direction and the hit single 6 in the Bloodclart Morning.

JLSXND7RS on Bandcamp, Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud

About Sun O.C.: Music has always been a passion and the opportunity to tell a story with music is what Sun O.C. thrives on. Despite his roots in the underground scene, his sets are always a mixture of music from the upcoming talent and popular tunes. This way he aims to not just entertain but also slyly educate his audience. His regular Radio WORM spot, Grimey Hours, happens Fridays from 22u til whenever.



Sunday 16 October 2022 we welcome UK radio luminary, and current WORM Sound Studio resident, Lucinda Guy. Lucinda is co-founder and artistic director of community station [Soundart Radio](https://www.soundartradio.org.uk/) in South Devon, UK. She opens up spaces in radio to allow new connections to happen, training and mentoring hundreds of people to find their radio voice. Her radio compositions are unscripted, and incorporate hymns, folksongs, metaphysical concepts, found texts and half remembered dreams. She graduated in music, specialising in voice, from Dartington College of Arts, and lives and works with her partner Chris Booth and their four children in rural Devon. 

Lucinda has been a friend to WORM’s artists and radiomakers for a long time. During her residency here, she’s making a radioplay with her sister Catherine Guyand a few Roffa locals (including FuckingGoodArt and Ash Kilmartin) about the right way to read the bible (or a bible for that matter). You’ll hear the radioplay in the coming weeks on Concertzender and Radio WORM, but for now, come down this Sunday for some bonus live material: singing in the stream, hymns, live guitar by Lukas Simonis and all.



Willem de Ridder, (Den Bosch, 1939) is een ideeën-kunstenaar. In de internationale kunstwereld is De Ridder vooral bekend als FLUXUS kunstenaar, als organisator van festivals en de man achter de legendarische European Mail-order house.

De Ridder publiceerde taboedoorbrekende tijdschriften en produceerde controversiële Radio Art programma’s. Hij is de bedenker en regisseur van baanbrekende televisie en radio programma’s, zoals de eerste sexlijn samen met Annie Springle in de V.S en met Cora hier in Nederland.

Voor ons is de Ridder meester verteller! En we kijken ontzettend uit naar zijn komst, wij hopen jullie ook.

Voor radioworm zal de Ridder komende zondag 2 september zijn veel belovende sprookjes vertellen, en daarna een interview met Lieuwe Zelle doen. Niet te missen!

Foto: Gerard Monté



Sunday 28 August 2022, to celebrate the coming season of radio, we share the afternoon with a list of Radio WORM luminaries: Lieuwe Zelle [Sound Experience], Niek Hilkman, Ege Sahin [RE-CHILDING], Virgil Westerhout, Juliana X** [Zuperstition], Mortiz Geremus [Electronic Merz], Robert Kroos [Grof Folklore] and Johanna and Vanita Monk [RE#SISTER]. Lukas Simonis plays host, introducing each radiomaker and finding out what they’ve got planned for their upcoming shows. 

Lieuwe Zelle: Initiator of Radio WORM 2.0, nude model, storyteller, nephew of Mata Hari and legendary radiomaker. His twice-weekly Sound Experience is exactly that!

Niek Hilkmann: Charming, funny and always swinging, Hilkmann (of, among others, Kwartet Niek Hilkmann)  is one of the great mainstays of Dutch language alternative pop.

Ege Şahin is a composer, and performer of mostly acoustic and electronic experimental music. He hosts ‘re-childing’, a weekly radio program in RadioWorm, where every week a new guest is invited to improvise, explore, and discuss sonic issues. For this expansion, he invites himself to play with his music toys in the form of a short improvised set while engaging with the audience through chat and interactive sound-making.

Virgil Westerhout: “Ik draai wat en hoe ik wil, met eventueel wat spraak tussendoor. Ik doe dit onder de noemers:  Tunes met Devon&Virgil; een programma waarin we beide “Humongous (big) Tunes” draaien (voornamelijk old Northern(UK)- of US-soul draaien) en Wunderbar Pirate Radio, dat is m’n show die niet in het programma voorkomt, maar gebeurd wanneer er genoeg djs in het barteam zijn en we nog wat (house/techno) willen draaien na de shift.”

Juliana X: Zuperstition is love on the dancefloor: A house and techno phenomenon that was founded in 2019 by Juliana X in Leeuwarden, and is now a queer-collective that creates memorable music and performance arts events: [check out their playlists here](https://zuperstition.nl/) to prepare!

Grof Folklore: Balkan Keyboards: Het elektronisch keyboard speelt een prominente rol in de uitvoering van hedendaagse volksmuziek wereldwijd. In deze aflevering van Grof Folklore neemt Duckfood jullie mee naar de Balkan om een aantal grove keyboard virtuozen aan jullie voor te stellen. Enigszins over de top. Grof Folklore immers.

Electronic Merz: Just as Kurt Schwitters founded Merz-Kunst as a liberation from conventions,  Electronic Merz encompasses a broad field of electronic music. Some episodes are driven by conceptual narratives, others just plain freestyle dj-ing. Expect Berlin School Ambient, 90’s Techno, Jungle and whatever other experimental electronics imaginable.

Vanita and Johanna Monk are musicians, writers, and visual and performance artists based in Rotterdam. Vanita’s seven-decade musical journey has been one of ongoing sonic radicalization, from classical piano to elemental vocals and industrial guitar noise. Johanna’s playing (clarinets, saxophones, little instruments and electronics) combines the drive and invention of the avant-garde with a melodic sensibility that betrays her roots in folk music. Together they have also continued to develop new ways of unifying prose, poetry and storytelling with creative music and visual performance. They regularly collaborate within other settings, notably in the feminist electronic noise trio Boterklontje (with Linda Nijboer), and the electroacoustic improv projects Monk, Ernsting & Monk (with drummer Philipp Ernsting) and Oxygen Tank (with percussionist Friso van Wijck). Today they will be representing the Rotterdam feminist experimental music community RE#SISTER, of which they are both founding members.






In a 2-hour special of The Side Entrance, this week’s Sound Studio residents Veryan Weston, Lukas Simonis and Tisa N. Herlec, join together with keys and strings and words; knowledge, groove and poetry. As always on The Side Entrance, this promises to be a journey into the unknown where we expect the unexpected to blossom!

This will be the first time the three will have worked together, a fresh first encounter. They’ll play live sounds, discuss their processes and thoughts on improvisation, composition, creativity and imagination. And, of course, collaboration.

Sunday 13 February: Peggy Verzett: Snow Eggs book launch with Lieuwe Zelle


Lieuwe Zelle invites poet Peggy Verzett for an on-air and in-person launch for her new poetry collection Sneeuweieren/Snow Eggs, published by Jap Sam Books (Prinsenbeek).

A cookbook-that-doesn’t-fit-the-genre, Sneeuweieren/Snow Eggs presents seven dishes for different mental states. It’s a cookbook that harks back to alchemy. Because the imperative mood is so annoying and needs to be exploited. Because the world of the psyche has endless contents that all want to feel they’re being fed.To launch this bilingual edition, translated from Dutch to English by Pim Wiersinga and designed by Paul Bogaers, Peggy and Lieuwe make a soundscape from a recipe; play synths; and talk.Peggy Verzett (1958) is a poet, painter and singer. She made her debut at publishing house Van Oorschot in Amsterdam, with Prijken die buik. In 2010, Vissing, was published by Querido. Haar Vliegstro, appeared in 2016. Her fourth collection of poetry will be published in 2022. ‘Poetry can communicate before it is understood’, said T.S. Elliot. This quote has become her artistic mantra; sometimes hermetics as well as supple playfulness are present in her work.