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Radio WORM is an online radio platform at the heart of WORM Rotterdam. Our studio hosts audio production of all descriptions, with over 80 resident shows as well as a shifting schedule of one-off events, mini-series and special guests.

Sound art, experimental music, interviews, mixes, informal reporting and in-depth talk-based series all find their place here: we’re always looking for what doesn’t fit anywhere else.

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After nearly a decade’s absence, Radio WORM (Mark 2) came into existence during 2019, when Lieuwe Zelle and Lukas Simonis began broadcasting. When COVID first struck WORM’s downstairs office became a makeshift radio studio. After a few months Lieuwe, Lukas and a small cast of broadcasters moved to the Pirate Bay booth in WORM’s public Foyer space.

The team is Lieuwe Zelle, Lukas Simonis and Ash Kilmartin. You can contact us at

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