Carni Special w/ Vanyfox and Firmeza

Hosted by The Function & Operator
Club - Sat 27 July 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 23:00
End → 06:00

If the parade in the city would be categorised the A-side of a record, Carni Special is the critically acclaimed B-side:

Rotterdam’s Zomercarnaval, a multicultural city festival, attracts hundreds of thousands, showcasing Caribbean, Surinamese, Cape Verdean, and Latin American cultures. While the main parade features colorful costumes and vibrant music, Carni Special offers an alternative for those seeking something different.

Hosted at WORM in the heart of Rotterdam, Carni Special highlights new forms of traditional music and fosters community spirit.

The Function and Operator invite you to join us for the third edition of the Carni Special to experience a unique celebration of Rotterdam’s diverse culture.

Vanyfox (PT, Moonshine)
Firmeza (PT, Príncipe Discos)
Amanni M
Nikisha Samson
Nubiya Ajuna
Seb H.

For this event there are only online tickets available (no tickets at the door)!