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Radio WORM weekly schedule

Maandag 23 mei

1000 Dr Klangendum radio art & beyond, with Lukas Simonis.

1100 Narcissistic Self Indulgent Asshole w Gilbert van Drunen.!  He’s back! And added a new adjective to his already imposing qualities. Live from cafe Koffie & Ambacht!

1200 Radio WORM goes to O. Festival w/ Ceola Tunstall-Behrens & Tisa N. Herlec

1300 Kosmos Klub with Ajay Saggar’s sounds from around the globe

1400 Vitamina Mina Kim presents ‘vitaminful’ (electroacoustic, eccentric, and experimental) sounds from South Korea

1600 Mashanigans

1700 HERRIE BIJ DE KOFFIE Alterations, tensions, propulsions, and responses. A weekly interface between sound and resistance with Aleksandra

1900 Samizdat w Mila Toneva. To explore Eastern European music, with a focus on the underground (punk, post-punk, new wave etc.) throughout all ages, the effect the Communism Regime had on music, and music during and after the Regime.

2000 Nightly Manifesto w Senka en Këo

2100 Sex with Benefits w Reepelsteeltje

2200 10 voor 010 Rotterdam 10 toffe nummers van Rotterdamse bodem, met Thomas Harteveld

Dinsdag 24 mei

1000 Omwijs Muziek uit hoofd van Tim, die soms komt opdagen.

1100 Smoothieman Comes Alive With Vincent Denieul & Lukas Simonis.  At the margins of experimental impro spiritism open source ectoplasmic. What is in de bottle of the Smoothyman?

1200 Weird part of the morning New sounds with Maciek Domaradzki. Sit back and let the frequencies take over.

1300 WERM RADIO w Mattias

1400 Sound Experience w Lieuwe Zelle. Een veel-lagige ervaring die lastig te omschrijven valt maar daarom des te meer te ondergaan. Alweer zo’n programma waar je naar moet luisteren… moe nie gekker worde.

1500  An old and a new show from the radia network, a community of stations around the globe that make radio in new and forgotten ways… are you up for it?

1600 Early ElectroMIX #9 w Philippe Petit

1700 random radio

1900 WORM Pirate Bay Presents:

2000 File Not Found

2100 Drone Candy Uw gastheer is Reinhold Bogaard. Today, I have a kaleidoscope of sound for you, ranging from melodic drones to minimal music. We will listen to work by (and especially collaborations between) Thisquietarmy, Hellenica, Aidan Baker, N, Dirk Serries, Radboud Mens, Matthijs Kouw, To Rococo Rot and I-Sound.

2200 Ever Widening Circles with Linus B and Ash K.  Conceptual listening in the age of instincts gone haywire.


Woensdag 25 mei

1100 Woensdag bij Winter met Ivan Winter. Een programma met oude soul, non-fungible tokens en U kunt ook uw haar laten knippen.

1200 a continuous present you know it no is a continuous present Antrianna Moutoula

1300 Radio WORM goes to O. Festival w/ Ceola Tunstall-Behrens & Tisa N. Herlec

1400 Vo Ezn in computer programming realms, non-zero exit status denotes a failure. once a month we go into tools and our personal stories behind them :: ones of > fun \ struggle \ mess \ emancipation \ fires \ drifts \ perseverance \ […] \ && soundsChownchownchownchownchownchownchownchownchownchownchownchownchownchownchownchown > ________ bio Vo Ezn — sound && infrastructure artist, working on server-side tensions and introverted interfaces ][ figuring out the tools for-to knowledge-sharing / opting-out / autonomy ][ –to-for-by-with on my own terms.

1500 random radio

1600 Cinema Colombiano Música de tierra caliente, con Mitze Apocalipze y Chucho Vinilo!

1800 Wednesday doesn’t exist with BenKult. Henrietta Muller in denial of wednesdays! Art & music & inspiration.

2000 DJ Wanneer w Jacco Weener

2100 Hans Tweedehands Rotterdams bekendste platenvertreter Hans van Hoffe laat zijn licht schijnen over oude en nieuwe muziek, indie rock, kraut, classic & the works.

2200 Lab Session with Seven


Donderdag 26 mei

1100 Sound Experience w Lieuwe Zelle. Een veel-lagige ervaring die lastig te omschrijven valt maar daarom des te meer te ondergaan. Zeer luisterbaar maar zet wel even de stofzuiger uit.

1200 Aswix & Valex Radio Show 

1300 Earbitten with Radboud Mens. intelligent electronics & beyond.

1500 RE#SISTER Radio with Mariëtte Groot: spotlight op vrouwen in de avant garde.

1600 Hoekboud en Orca music from the Jan Rodenburg & Michael Lewis vaults, forward in all directions, Play only vinyl and adhere to the eclastic faith; out of many the best and stretching it.

1800 Fly Robbin Fly DJ One 4 One draait allerlei, geinspireerd door de eigen goede smaak en het eindeloos luistere. Reggae, ska, altrock, en vele anderen.

1900 HORIZON with the Mighty Gerson & Rowan van As. Lost and found horizons within an artful and soundlike context. Gerson komt van de Antillen en Rowan uit Zierikzee.

2000 DET Thursday An immersive journey into a wormhole of curated music, forgotten movies and ideators, guided weekly by DET aka Auryn and Ruta

2200 random radio 

2300 FOMO FM w Sjoerd van den Berg, ’Fear of Missing out. I think it’s a known feeling to many, the fear to miss something. Our name has a double meaning in a way. We were missing something in the City of Rotterdam, and we want to create something that people didn’t want to miss out on.’’ A mix of disco, electro, techno and everything in between.


Vrijdag 27 mei

1200 Sonosphere Lucija Gregov & deep listening is een luistermethode die gebaseerd is op kennis uit de psychotherapie, neurowetenschappen en het boeddhisme. De luisteraar die in deze methode getraind is, geeft de ander bewust alle ruimte om te kunnen verwoorden wat er op dat moment in hoofd en hart speelt.

1300 Woodstone Kugelblitz Apocalyptic Community Art.

1400 Radio WORM goes to O. Festival w/ Ceola Tunstall-Behrens & Tisa N. Herlec

1500 random radio

1600 The Side Entrance w Tisa N. Herlec.  Interviews, live sets, improvisation.


1800 De HiFi Show with Janpier Brands, international popmusic listening experience… maar hoewel internationaal, toch vooral NL talig en behalve dat komt ook vaak het friestalige aspect aan bod.

1900 Mixed Business Sonic experiments, outsider products, outtakes, trash, mind control, memes etc. mixed by Florian Cramer


Zaterdag 28 mei

1200 Boaz and friends Boaz has Israelian roots and a lot of the music he plays will be influenced by that, besides, he will interview anybody that he drags in front of a microphone and ask them about their lives… 1 more thing; let’s have great cakes.

1300 random radio

1400 Modern Underwear w Thymo. 90 percent modern alternative music -rock related but also jungle or anything he finds worthy… & don’t forget talking to people about the problems of being young and stuff…

1500 random radio

2000 Malafide Records De clubcultuur naar voren brengend door middel van dj sets, interviews, en livesets

2200 Swingby Collective


Zondag 29 mei

1500 Expanded Radio; Live in front of the radiostudio; Hessel Veldman & guests. Hessel was a guest in the Worm sound studio this week. These are his words; “…In this production at WORM we’re going to find the worm (“wurm’) inside the building, the organisation, in space, in the city, in the universe, in our afterlife, underground and in ourselve. But most we’re looking for sound-wurms. During the production days we’ll build short and long fragments of soundbites, by creating several improvisation-settings and use real-time recording sessions for building a sound archive. Mangle or clean up recording results and modulate and arrange them during our final ‘moving’ presentation. So, real time improvisation in WORM’s place and surroundings will be the ingredients for this production.

Hessel Veldman (NL), Kamilė Rimkutė (LT) and Ruben Verkuylen (NL) differ widely in their musical practices and experiences, but find kinship in their appreciation of sound as soil for life. At the end of their sojourn, they will broadcast their collection of sounds at Worm and show their Wurm…”

1700 Bijblijven met Bergpolder w Leon van Barneveld

1800 HipHop Terminal HipHop Terminal is for fans of the HipHop/urban street community, where every form of HipHop/urban street culture has a place to shine. This station is meant to empower and help develop the talented individuals within the community and help them gain a fanbase.

1900 RE-CHILDING with Ege Şahin. an assemblage of live-electronic improv, ambient music and dazed poetry where the sea is a desert of waves