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Maandag 30 januari

1000 Narcissistic Self Indulgent Asshole w Gilbert van Drunen. He’s back! And added a new adjective to his already imposing qualities….live from cafe Koffie & Ambacht!

1100 BART SCHUT! Dit is de uitzending van Patapoe Action van afgelopen donderdag en nog een interviewtje uit 2018 met de Coronaband toen ze net het Kwakoefestival hadden afgesloten. Bij elkaar een uur.

1200 Bergpolder with Leon van Barneveld. “Bergpolder is a show with some text and some sounds. First it was a love child between internet literature and music, but it evolved to me reading a book with instrumental music or field recordings in the background. And who knows what will happen in the future? Maybe I do but I’m not going to tell. It’s in Dutch, so my goal is to be the Sesame Street or Lingo on Radio WORM. Be prepared, and always have two buckets of water ready in the hallway. You never know.”

1300 Kosmos Klub with Ajay Saggar’s sounds from around the globe

1400 random radio 

1800 HIDDEN BEHIND A Show Matthias Carter

1900 Samizdat w Mila Toneva. To explore Eastern European music, with a focus on the underground (punk, post-punk, new wave etc.) throughout all ages, the effect the Communism Regime had on music, and music during and after the Regime.

2000 Nightly Manifesto with Senka and Julia. Nightly manifesto is comprised of two humans trying to learn with, grow with, inform with a variety of voices. something dug up. Embodied knowledge? something brought up. Unheard Research?  something nurtured. Thoughtful growth? Tackling bias? We think through talking and seek to reimagine the status quo. With room for error of course.

2100 Sex with Benefits with Reepelsteeltje

2200 random radio

2300 Un petit morceau de lune Nina


Dinsdag 31 januari

1200 Weird part of the morning New sounds with Maciek Domaradzki. Sit back and let the frequencies take over.

1300 Modulisme is celebrating 3 years of existence thru special compilations named 3 Year Itch Birthday Session. You are listening to the sixth installment in the series and will hear in order of appearance: Meat Beat Manifesto, Bachelard (Heidi Chan), The Sonny Downs Quartet, Todd Barton, Batchas, Sion Orgon, Schema Musicalis, Juhani Silvola, JesterN

1400 Sound Experience w Lieuwe Zelle. Een veel-lagige ervaring die lastig te omschrijven valt maar daarom des te meer te ondergaan. Alweer zo’n programma waar je naar moet luisteren… moe nie gekker worde.

1500 An old and a new show from the radia network, a community of stations around the globe that make radio in new and forgotten ways… are you up for it?

1600 random radio

1700 Spontaneous Biology Jamie and Jake on gender-affirming care

1800 random radio

1900 WORM Pirate Bay Presents: Paper ASMR Floor van Meeuwen

2000 random radio

2100 Mono No Awaré Jorrit and Austeja

2200 Ever Widening Circles with Linus B and Ash K. Conceptual listening in the age of instincts gone haywire. 

2300 Body Matrix Renato


Woensdag 1 febuari

1100 Smoothieman Comes Alive At the margins of experimental impro spiritism open source ectoplasmic. What is in de bottle of the Smoothyman? With Vincent Denieul & Lukas Simonis

1200 a continuous present you know it no is a continuous present Solo, live, nonstop languaging as autotheory by Antrianna Moutoula

1300 [ATXT] voices-poetry-txt-typing-performance-abyss-asmr-loop-lyrics-sound-echo-fem-noise-softness with @golubjevaite

1400 random radio

1500 Art Gang Radio

1600 Cinema Colombiano Música de tierra caliente, con Mitze Apocalipze y Chucho Vinilo! 

1800 Wednesday doesn’t exist with BenKult: Henrietta Muller in denial of wednesdays! Art & music & inspiration.

2000 DJ Wanneer w Jacco Weener

2100 Hans Tweedehands Rotterdams bekendste platenvertreter Hans van Hoffe laat zijn licht schijnen over oude en nieuwe muziek, indie rock, kraut, classic & the works.


Donderdag 2 febuari

1200 Coffee Time with Valentina Napoli

1300 random radio

1400 Chaos in de Tent met leerlingen van ‘t Landje

1500 RE#SISTER Radio with Mariëtte Groot: spotlight op vrouwen in de avant garde.

1600 Hoekboud en Orca music from the Jan Rodenburg & Michael Lewis vaults, forward in all directions, Play only vinyl and adhere to the eclastic faith; out of many the best and stretching it.

1800 The No.Go.Area with DJ No.Go. A far away and yet so frighteningly near place of dreams, nightmares, successes, and failures. A sonic fairytale guaranteed to displease everyone’s refined or popular taste, a place where opposites and disparate hits or misses coexist and copulate under a genre-fluid radio-active sky. Just remember: you heard it here first, and it’s all art.

1900 random radio

2000 Fly Robbin Fly DJ One 4 One

2100 SPECIAL: Sound Picture Fantasy: Music and Poetry from Southeast and East Asia Mark and Li Shuen with Lin Htet Aung

2200 ♡SINKING TV♡(*^-^) ☆rad¡o sho₩☆ AKA Sheep and DJ Wiel Bullekens 《.fm》 {^:<AKA Sheep °and° DJ Wiel Bullekens>:^} playing songs <;•].. ¥€$ &&All (micro)genres d(°v°,)d \(×_×’)/ §ssourced from @bandcamp &soundcloud / 2 cdj + live internet connection / 9

2300 FOMO FM w Sjoerd van den Berg, ‘’Fear of Missing out. I think it’s a known feeling to many, the fear to miss something. Our name has a double meaning in a way. We were missing something in the City of Rotterdam, and we want to create something that people didn’t want to miss out on.’’ A mix of disco, electro, techno and everything in between.


Vrijdag 3 febuari

1200 Sound Experience w Lieuwe Zelle. Een veel-lagige ervaring die lastig te omschrijven valt maar daarom des te meer te ondergaan. Zeer luisterbaar maar zet wel even de stofzuiger uit.

1300 Woodstone Kugelblitz Apocalyptic Community Art.

1400 random radio

1700 Japan Mania Charles van Vessem shares his love of Japanese music of all sorts. Hear why Japan has the second largest music market in the world! Hear something you’ve (probably) never heard before!

1800 B.G. Show samenstelling, presentatie, techniek, webcare: Janpier Brands, #3 Regio Content radioshow van de Jachthavenstad. Kindly supported by: B.G. Service

1900 Mixed Business Sonic experiments, outsider products, outtakes, trash, mind control, memes etc. mixed by Florian Cramer


Zaterdag 4 febuari

1100 Boaz and Friends Boaz has Israeli roots and a lot of the music he plays will be influenced by that, besides, he will interview anybody that he drags in front of a microphone and ask them about their lives… 1 more thing; let’s have great cakes. 

1200 ISCHNNK goes Ran-Dom with Nynke Schaaf. My goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from. In my free time (besides work, household and children care), I make shows and podcasts about music at Worm Radio and I am writing a novel about music. Music makes me feel at home and alive. I love all kinds of music and I really like to learn more about it.

1300 random radio

1400 Modern Underwear Thymo

1500 Peace, Love and Protest with Lily de Arki Playing songs from Woodstock because why not? In a time of polarization brought about by massive disinformation, we may need to go back to that time when this massive festival in 1969 made a mark in history as a musical extravaganza/peaceful protest. There is power in the rawness and transparency of the art and music during that era. We can learn from this and perhaps gain inspiration on how we can counter current issues of our time. Woodstock 1969 will remain as the symbol of freedom, peace, and love. Peace y’all!

1600 I don’t perform for time, time performs for me Meghan Clarke and Ceola Tunstall-Behrens

1700 Latin Alternative Radio Sandra Piedrahita

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