Celebrating the transformative power of feminist action.

While we enter the second decade of the 21st century, transnational, national and local challenges regarding gender, race, ableism, climate change, classicism and many more remained unsolved. 2020 was a hard year for women globally- the fast-rising inequalities, now more prominent than ever, affected women the most. There was an increase in gender-based violence, a growing unemployment rate that affected mostly women, and an increase in far-right rhetoric.

When we look back into 2020, we see that it was actually a year in which feminist action became more important than ever. And as we enter a decade that holds much promise for a brighter feminist future, WORM and KONTRA want to celebrate that same vision by creating a week-long festival, the Fem Fest, taking place on 3-8 March 2021. Fem Fest centres collectives, artists, activists and groups who are striving to create inclusive spaces that allow actions such as feminism to flourish. By having a mixed programme filled with workshops, performances, panels, film screenings and exhibitions, we celebrate local and national strives towards gender equality and justice.


Week-long exhibition

Transcending curated by KONTRA
Silkworm exhibition curated by Squish

Image design by Marion Lissarrague https://www.instagram.com/mariondisplayy/