RE#SISTER Concert -Fem Fest 2021

Festival - Sun 7 March 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 20:30
End → 22:30

You’re invited to a very special concert courtesy of RE#SISTER.
RE#SISTER is a community of female and non-binary sound explorers evolving around WORM’s electronic studio. They are internationally acclaimed in the field of sonic experimentation and radicalisation. Specially for FEM FEST2021 the collective is focusing on history and practices of free improvisation in music. Through a series of workshops let by Vanita and Johanna Monk the RE#SISTERs learn about possible tools and techniques, about listening to each other and finding their own voice. The culmination of the workshops will be presented in a collective ONLINE concert at WORM. Join us on Sunday, March 7th starting TIMES

About the makers:
RE#SISTER has an open character though, so if you are interested, send an email to
Vanita’s seven-decade musical journey has been one of ongoing sonic radicalization, from classical piano to elemental vocals and industrial guitar noise. Johanna’s music (clarinets, saxophones, little instruments and electronics) combines the drive and invention of the avant-garde with a melodic sensibility that betrays her roots in folk music. They regularly collaborate within other settings, notably in the feminist electronic noise trio Boterklontje (with Linda Nijboer). Vanita and Johanna are both members of RE#SISTER.

The concert is free of charge.
Go to stream here: