KLAUW Burlesque Workshop x KLAUW SENSATICA – Fem Fest 2021

Festival - Fri 5 March 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 19:00
End → 23:00

What would the world look like if we collectively start stepping into our sensuality? Aims to create an online space where we can play with that idea for one special evening, together. On the evening of March 4th, KLAUW hosts an online event in collaboration with WORM and KONTRA. We embark on a journey together to rediscover our sense of eroticism, pleasure, amusement and collectivity. After months of deprivation of these senses we want to interlude the new season with an intimate touch that makes us re-appreciate our capacity for joy.

KALUW Burlesque Workshop (7pm – 8 pm):
We start off at 7pm with the international performer all the way from Mexico: Peligrosa! We have invited her to give us a workshop on the wonderful art of Burlesque. In this one hour class she will show us how to get in touch with the most sensual sides of ourselves through performance art. You’ll be guaranteed to learn a new trick or two, to entertain yourself and others with.
**Tickets for the workshop are 5 euros.
The ZOOM link to the workshop will be featured on the ticket. **
**Get your ticket here: ** https://worm.stager.nl/web/tickets/111049848

Go to stream here: https://vimeo.com/event/680163

From 9pm till 11pm we have the honor to showcase you the art of a whole setlist of performers from our own communities ánd Mexico. In this 2 hour Burlesque extravaganza we have the honor to present to the sensual performances of Moi, Jungla and Escorpiana (MEX) and local performans TBA. Get ready to be invited into an online world where (guilty) pleasure, eroticism and collectivity are the standard. This part of the evening is completely free so there is no excuse to not mark March 4th in your agenda right now!

KLAUW Talent Show| Sign up
We also want to give you a platform to showcase your talent. This could be anything, you learned a new dance during lockdown? Come and share! You play the guitar? Start tuning those strings darling! You have a mouth game like no one else and are a certified lip sync assassin? Vids or it didn’t happen! Come show it in our online Talent show where you can win a beautiful face mask by YAMUNA FORZANI. Send an email to info@klauwcollective.com to sign up.

During these two hours no one other than DJ Shahmaran shall be providing us with some sexy tunes to get us all in the right mood for enjoying this sensational night at KLAUW SENSATICA.