Sacred Femmes Kiki Function – Fem Fest 2021

Festival - Sat 6 March 2021
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 19:00
End → 22:00

Sacred Femme Kiki Function

The Sacred Feminine holds the spiritual power to give birth to life, and to connect matter and spirit. Her deepest strength is the ability to connect and reconnect the world with its soul. She embodies the qualities of nurturing, receptivity, creativity, compassion, intuition, sensuality, inclusion, mystery, renewal and unconditional love.

Thankfully, the Sacred Feminine is not bound to gender. This kiki is celebrating the Sacred Femme in all of us.

Watch on @worm_rotterdam Insta live

LSS starts 19.00. We will call people out via instagram live to join the LSS 🙂

Register here:

Host, Judges, MC, DJ: TBA


Designers delight DIY – femme icons

Remake a look inspired by your femme icon (Cher, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kate Bush, Madona, Indya Moore, etc). Use items from home– this can be as high end or as DIY as you like. Only restriction– nothing premade aka no primark, no hema. Go ooooooffff!

Hands performance – Lesbian manicure

The lesbian manicure (two of your manicured fingernails are shorter) is a staple of lesbian culture, so we want to see your’s! No acrylic nails necessary for this category, the more creative the material the better (cardboard, crisps, chopsticks, etc).

Bizarre face OTA – Face your fears

To overcome your fears you need to face them head on. We want to see a bizarre face that involves something that you’re afraid of. This is open to interpretation. If your biggest fear is spiders, you could then create an abstract interpretation of spiders on your face- think webs, legs, hair, many eyes. The bigger production the better- we love a good set design!

**Lip sync OTA ** – Women in Pop culture

In this lip sync we’re looking at women in pop culture. You’ll need to send 2 videos (10s, and first battle) to the judges. The final battles will be live. All videos can be via tiktok, reels, or self edited. We encourage you to go wild with outfits, set design, etc. Each video should be no longer than 60 seconds.

10s – We want to see you lip sync a scene featuring your favorite female figure in a tv show or movie. Funny, inspiring, dramatic- the choice is yours! Judges will score between 6-10, the highest 4 scores will get to battle.

Battle 1 – song hype – Choose a song that gets you hyped. Can be City Girls, Nicki, Doja Cat, anything! We wanna see that cunty energy.

Battle 2 – song – I’m Every Woman – Whitney Houston. Prepare a lipsync to ‘I’m Every Woman.’The final battle will be live- we want to see drama and effects !

**Realness OTA **- Slut Walk speaker realness.

Are you speaking at Slut Walk (or SlutStand) 7 March? How will you demonstrate? Are you representing an organization or are you speaking individually? What do you believe in? We wanna see the realist speaker.

For your 10s, we want to see the realness in your outfit, effects, and your banner.

For final battles, we want to hear your message. This message should be between 30-60 seconds.

**Sex siren OTA **- Sensual Housewife

You are a house wife and your lover is at work. You’re bored and waiting for them to return. Maybe you’re in the kitchen playing with kitchen items, whipped cream, fruit. Perhaps you’re in the living room with your apron and feather duster. Wherever you are in your home, show us what you’re doing while you’re waiting. Make it as camp or as cunt as you want. Props are essential.

Shake that ass OTA – bring back Pride of Color

We want to go back to the pride season! In October, we had to cancel our Pride of Color Kiki. This kiki asked you to wear an outfit that reflects your personality and/or identity. Bring back this energy, and shake that ass back to pride season.