Look Back: My Pandemic Year

Experimental online screening dedicated to storytelling in a video format

On the 12th of March 2021, we commemorated one year of lockdown with My Pandemic Year, an online screening dedicated to storytelling in a video format. Earlier in the year, we released an open call for videos made during the Covid crisis. In no time, 55 international filmmakers had submitted their works. We were nicely surprised that all the filmmakers were present and that during the screening the chat room was buzzing with comments and reactions. In total, more than 100 people visited the screening. Because you missed the fun we have selected 10 of our favourite videos to share with you here.

My Pandemic Year | Credits:  

Created by Henrietta Müller
Communications by Nia Konstantinova.
Visuals by Marion Lissarrague.

The panel discussion was hosted by: filmmaker Nils Gunnars, multimedia artist Henrietta Müller and Marta Franzoso.


Midicartel, Khaled Qaderi, Jin Yuen, Frans van Lent, Daniela Lucato, Tolga Agbas, Steven Maybury, Beáta Kolbašovská, Sophie Dixon, Jelle Havermans, Karl Heinz Jeron,Björn Zielman, Clara Abi Nader, Koter Vilmos, Elysa-James Kooijman, Stéphane Cauwel, Pau Han Kho, Meriam de Korte, Ender Yıldızhan, Adele Gregoire, Guillem S. Arquer, Anne Kolbe, Fileona Dkhar, Nia Konstantinova, Dalida Ga, Linus Bonduelle, Jannus Doornhegge, Emma Kroos, Eoin O’Dowd, Johnson & Jeisson Richard Guenne & Rita Pereira, Barry Whittaker, Rumi Yordanova, Lex Hoogendam, Gijs Ebben, Terro Art Squad, Joris van Suijdam, Charlotte van Winden, Armand Kain, Stella Kalaydzhieva, Bea van Grutten , Cem Altınöz, Jonathan Nagel feat. Tiia Veneranta, Adriel Delgado, David Tiemstra, Megan Bruinen, Nicole Kouts, Yuxi Chen, Indiara Di Benedetto, David Moré, Maureen Vreeburg, Jocelyn Yan, Gil Monteverde.

10 of our favourite My Pandemic Year films

How incredible is that! by Ender Yıldızhan
My name is Sami by Daniela Lucato
Nieuwstraat by Frans van Lent
Henk ten Bos, Twente Art comes to Life by Pau Han Kho
Day 8 With Deepak Chopra by Jocelyn Yan
Short film for WORM AF by Maureen Vreeburg
Stay Home by Stéphane Cauwel

After the event, we are catching up with some of the makers to see what they thought of the night. Read all the interviews in the community section below.