FEATURE: Frans Van Lent (My Pandemic Year Filmmaker)

Mini Interview: Frans Van Lent (My Pandemic Year Filmmaker)

Could you shortly introduce yourself?

Frans: My name is Frans van Lent. I am living/working in Dordrecht. My work is conceptually driven, I use a variety of media.

How did you experience the screening?

Frans: It is very different because you don’t experience it as watching in a group. For me, it was close to watching television.

What do you think about the films that were shown?

Frans: It was a nice collage of very different artists, media, qualities. Entertaining to watch, there was a surprise in many works. 

What is your “artistic take away” from this past year during the pandemic?

Frans: I very much enjoy the quietness in the streets, made some very nice silent night recordings. That was a new experience in these overcrowded cities. For now, I am really missing the moving around and freedom. I am fed up with the limitations.