FEATURE: Clara Abi Nader (My Pandemic Year Filmmaker)

Mini Interview: Clara Abi Nader (My Pandemic Year Filmmaker)

Could you shortly introduce yourself?

Clara: I am an artist, born and raised in Lebanon, mainly working with photography as a medium but have been exploring writing and video as well. I have been based in Paris for the past ten years, which allowed me to open up to multiple cultures and delve into themes around identity, home and origins.

How did you experience the screening?

I really enjoyed the screening as I hadn’t been part of any since the pandemic started. It was great to be surrounded by people and artists, willing to discuss this odd period of life through experimental films.

What do you think about the films that were shown?

Clara: It was a great variety of films, some were playful, some were more serious, all in all, a great moment!

How was this evening different for you than going to the cinema?

Clara: I would still prefer to be in a cinema space for sure. Yet, there was something nice about being at home, in my comfort zone, free to move around, take a call or just decide to show my face or not. I never took part in zoom meetings before, and oddly I was OK with having my video on. I know for sure though, had I been in a public cinema space, I wouldn’t have spoken out… but being home and only visible on a screen made it easier for me to talk! So I guess that’s one positive point for me!

What is your “artistic take away” from this past year during the pandemic?

Clara: As I said during the meeting, the main takeaway for me was to be able to get personal in my work, even vulnerable. My practical situation during the pandemic pushed me to do so, since I didn’t have my equipment at first, and I am really embracing this technique I have come to develop to create my short videos. And hope that my viewers enjoy it as much as I enjoy working on them! So thanks again for having my work part of your selection.