FEATURE: Swaeny Nina Kersaan (My Pandemic Year Filmmaker)

Mini Interview: Sweany Nina Kersaan (My Pandemic Year Filmmaker)

Could you shortly introduce yourself?

Swaeny: My name is Swaeny Nina Kersaan. I am an artist from The Netherlands. I moved to London in late 2019, and it is currently safe to say that I have seen more of the UK during (and in between) lockdowns than before the pandemic. I like digital art, paper books and fluffy cats. 

How did you experience the screening?

I had connection problems, one of the most annoying problems to this day, but reeeeeally enjoyed the screening! I loved how the chat responses kept popping up. I can never stay quiet watching films, especially when they are so good. Everyone was so nice. This screening event made my day! Big thumbs up! 

What do you think about the films that were shown? 

The films shown were responding to the events of the past year in lockdown all in their own way, differently, and still reflected on -pretty much- the same things. Some beautiful, some emotional, poetic, philosophical and political and others were creepy or satirical.  

How was this evening different for you than going to the cinema?

I felt connected. I really liked the chat, seeing stranger’s faces in tiny squares, but without the social anxiety of going to a place full of people. 

What is your “artistic take away” from this past year during the pandemic?

Produce less, reflect more?

The Tower of Power by Swaeny Nina Kersaan