FEATURE: TAS /Terror Art Squad/ (My Pandemic Year Filmmaker)

Mini Interview: TAS (My Pandemic Year Filmmakers)

Could you shortly introduce yourself?

TAS: My name is TAS, an abbreviation for Terror Art Squad. An art collective created in 2019. You never know which one of us, or how many will show up for an exhibition/presentation. Scout’s honour tho that the one answering these questions was the one being present at the ‘My Pandemic Year’ screening.

How did you experience the screening?

TAS: I was overwhelmed by the number of creative souls joining forces on a Friday night from all over the world. The team of WORM did a great job hosting the night. And we were delighted by the kind words exchanged to and from one another.

What do you think about the films that were shown?

TAS: The diversity of artists, and their workflows, explains the different angles and perspectives on how we all experience this crisis. It was inspiring to see the works following each other in a fast, but orderly, fashion.

How was this evening different for you than going to the cinema?

TAS: Talking about nostalgia, I haven’t been to the cinema in a while. The ambience is different, you can have full focus on the videos. It was nice to see all the creators passing by and looking at the reactions in the chat. And I didn’t lose a fortune while getting snacks.

What is your “artistic take away” from this past year during the pandemic?

TAS: TAS’ artistic practice is one of the isolated observers. The fly on the wall kind of view, however, we miss the inspiration we get from socialising with others. We also long for the possibilities of making exhibitions with other artists. But, what WORM creates is a fresh alternative to the latter. Our take-away from this year, and the years to come, is that creating art isn’t a choice. It’s a necessity.