#Wunderbar welcomes you with a fresh concept: The Kollection Kitsch, a window exhibition in our bar featuring Rotterdam based artists. Kollection Kitsch has transformed #Wunderbar into the most affordable art gallery in town! Visit us and explore mini-artworks by exciting artists and enrich your art collection with unique pieces. 

Every edition opens with a multidisciplinary event involving art workshops, music, a special bingo (with the unsold mini-artworks from the “candy machine”), and other, very special collaborations.

Curators Aubane Berthommé Martinez and Kyra Nijskens make a point in selecting artists in- and outside the artworld bubble as well as artists who work at WORM in non-creative positions (for example, people working behind the bar).

Where to Find Kollection Kitsch

Simply walk into our #Wunderbar!

Curators, Kyra and Aubane have created custom uber-kitsch displays that host the artworks; not-to-be-missed! In the #Wunderbar you can find a special “art machine” from which you can purchase your work by the artist of your choice. The organisers will be there to acquaint you with this new invention! Needless to say, all proceeds go straight into the pockets of the artists! 

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Contact: kollectionkitsch@worm.org

This programme is selectected by Henrietta Müller and its part of her programme Wunderbar x SKILLS

Past events

13th January – Opening Kollection Kitsch #4 – Kunstavond

30th Sep – Opening Kollection Kitsch #3 during Kunstavond XL

1st Oct – 15th  Jan: Visit Kollection Kitsch at #Wunderbar

Kollection Kitsch #2 /11th  June – 20th Sep

Kollection Kitsch #1 /15th Jan – 31st May