WunderPlatz x SKILLS: 2021

WunderPlatz x SKILLS

Welcome to #Wunderbar –  the strangest bar in the centre of Rotterdam. #Wunderbar is a space that is all about your senses! Here, you are presented with distinct tastes, sounds, textures, movements, visuals and smells. #Wunderbar is much more than just a bar. It’s a place to meet, hug, kiss, eat, dance, get a haircut, see art and enjoy life. Essentially, #Wunderbar is WORM’s plaza, the space where people from all walks of life come together to do their thing and get acquainted with each other.

In early 2021, WORM decided to celebrate this large, amorphous space – which also incorporates the Foyer, the kitchen, the toilets and all the nooks and crannies in between with a new project: WunderPlatz X SKILLS.

WunderPlatz X SKILLS is a project where we investigate the place where makers and drinkers meet by transforming it into an anti White Cube occupied by artists with a different view. These artists will carry out a month-long residency. The #Wunderbar will be handed over to makers who strongly believe in exchanging skills and shared silliness. Next to their personal research,  each resident will host a workshop and share knowledge – online or in a Covid-mitigated manner – about some of WORM’s “creative development labs” to be found in this space and nearby. These include: WORM’s alt-arcade games, the PEOPLES Barbershop, WORM Sound Studios, Radio WORM, and the Zine Making Lab of WORM Pirate Bay for instance.