A Sci-firrific Adventure

Kollection Kitsch returns to the #Wunderbar. This time, organisers Kyra and Aubane invite you to an uncanny experience, a fun contrast with the bright vibe that invades the city in the summer. The new exhibition will take you on a trip filled with awkwardness, horror and creepy pleasures. These dark, ultra cultish depictions will transform our funky Kollection Kitsch displays into imaginative and sometimes gruesome futuristic worlds. In addition, local emerging video artists and movie makers will screen their work in the retro futuristic TV sculpture of Wunderbar. 

The official opening is the 11th of June. Don’t miss our tailor made programme, which includes a special effects make-up workshop and  live music. Also, note that the art machine will be filled with new artworks on the 11th. If you didn’t have time to get an artwork from the previous collection, take a chance to win them during our special bingo.

Featured artists

Artists featured in the window displays:
Jard van Everdink (sunflower)
Tom Putman (mint)
Matthijs Hannink (lavender)

Artists in TV installation:
Giulia Fuel
Yassin Salim
Nils Gunnars
Kari Robertso

14h00 opening of the exhibition
18h00 cult tacky special effects prosthetics workshop
20h00 artworks bingo
20h30 live music (L’orne)
21h30 artworks bingo
22h00 live music (EVEBIŌN)

ABOUT Kollektion Kitsch

#Wunderbar welcomes you with a fresh concept: The Kollection Kitsch. Curators, Kyra Nijskens and Aubane Berthommé Martinez have created custom uber-kitsch displays that host window exhibitions, featuring Rotterdam based artists; not-to-be-missed!

In the #Wunderbar you can also find the special “art machine” from which you can purchase work by the artist of your choice. We promise this is the most affordable art gallery in town. Explore mini-artworks by these exciting Rotterdam-based artists and enrich your art collection, each artwork costs €10!

The organisers will be there to acquaint you with this new invention! Needless to say, all proceeds go straight into the pockets of the artists!