Kollection Kitsch

Wunderbar hosts Kollection Kitsch till the end of May

#Wunderbar welcomes you with a fresh concept: The Kollection Kitsch! In our bar you will find a window art exhibition, featuring Rotterdam based artists. With our window expo, we will turn #Wunderbar into the most affordable art gallery in town!  Explore mini-artworks by these exciting Rotterdam-based artists and enrich your art collection to counter the cultural drought the pandemic brought about. Each artwork costs 10!

You can also book a one-on-one, or group appointment for extra “high art”, à la the Venice Biennale experience, where you will get a private curatorial tour of Kollection Kitsch gallery. You can book an appointment on any day between 16h and 18h by sending an email to kollectionkitsch@worm.org . We will see you at the #Wunderbar, grab a drink and check the art!

Where to Find Kollection Kitsch
Simply walk into our #Wunderbar! Curators, Kyra Nijskens and Aubane Berthommé Martinez have created custom uber-kitsch displays that host the artworks; not-to-be-missed! In the #Wunderbar you can find a special “art machine” from which you can purchase your work by the artist of your choice. The organisers will be there to acquaint you with this new invention! Needless to say, all proceeds go straight into the pockets of the artists! 

What’s on display at Kollection Kitsch #1
First edition of Kollection Kitsch will be curated under the theme of Too Fem For Art. The show feels like a sweet and sour candy box: but don’t get it wrong; the eye candy comes with politics, empowerment and gender exploration.

Visit #Wunderbar and be mesmerised by Kollection Kitsch’s multiple and colourful displays while drinking with your buddies. Treat yourself with some quality time: friends+art+food+drinks+love+kitsch= feel good

The expo with works by the following six artists is available and stands till the end of May.
Kollection Kitsch is working on a new seasonal expo, keep updated.




Aubane Berthommé Martinez (France) is a Rotterdam based proletarian artist, curator, and a million other things. As a multidisciplinary artist, she uses various mediums (mainly photography and painting) to explore, question, and re-construct elements defining power dynamics and one’s identity with a focus on gender and sexuality. Her visual aesthetics combine pop culture, poetry, kitsch and extravagance. www.aubanebm.com  Instagram @aubane.bm

Iris Lam (Netherlands) is an interdisciplinary artist and writer, known for her colourful, humorous and provocative drawings, animations and writings, which can be recognized by that one signature face. Her main aim is to start an open dialogue on large delicate topics like female sexuality, sex work, hygiene (or the lack of it), climate justice, anxiety and death. www.irislam.nl Instagram: @iri_slam

Kate Rebecca Price (Australia) is a visual artist, currently based in Rotterdam. Her practice is often curious of the ways that individuals engage within their environs, and how they pursue these manoeuvres singularly and collectively. Presently she is researching how gardening can be used as a means to facilitate moments of exchange, care-giving, and relationship fostering. Moving between different materialities, her works tend to form from both collecting and reflecting, gleaning pieces from the gardens she visits and translating these through means such as painting, installation building and ceramics. www.kate-price.com  Instagram: @kate_rebecca_price

Kyra Nijskens (Netherlands) is a Rotterdam based artist whose vivid works engage with reality through a preferred lens of girlish innocence, exploring themes as crafts and decoration as well as the gender issues these aesthetic impulses reflect on. Painting lies at the core of her practice, as she is researching the everchanging image, relating traditional painting to the thousands of images that pass by everyday on our screens, as well as celebrating paintings’ material intentionalities, resulting in a dazzling mixture of techniques, flashy colours and shiny materials. Instagram: @kyranijskenz  www.kyranijskens.com 

Elma Čavčić (Bosnia) works show various elements related to topics of war, political power and her false brilliance, such as weapons, soldiers, planes and flags. If you observe long enough, you will notice contradictions in the work, the playfulness of colours versus these war elements. By doing so, she gives the viewer more space to ask questions rather than impose just a serious topic. The starting point of her work are the stories of her parents, which she translated into paintings and ceramic sculptures. www.elmacavcic.nl Instagram: @Elma.cavcic

Linda Stretton is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Rotterdam. Within her practice, she likes to create a world of fantasy and whimsy. Her style is playful, magical and darkly romantic as she is inspired by nature, beauty and the divine feminine. Her work involves a wide range of media; from drawing and painting, to creating costumes, to building up large-scale installations. Instagram: @reallifehumanbean