Together We Pet

For the third edition, Aubane and Kyra went further down the kitsch road with a bold thematic choice: pets and animals. These magical creatures often serve as protagonists or messengers in the works of the selected artists, holding up a mirror to teach us lessons about our relationship with nature and what it means to be human. From personal encounters to fairytale-like stories, the artists shared their fresh and humorous visions of their beloved animal friends. KK were happy to introduce another art theme that lost its prestige in contemporary times and has been depreciated as soon as it was associated with working class aesthetics, the elderly or women makers. Nowadays, honouring pets in an artistic way seems to be the privilege of a few people belonging to dominant social categories, and is still seen as a minor art form or a whim; especially when this fascination emerges outside of cultural elites.


Donglai Meng (Marta)
My interest originates from the study of psychoanalysis, which reveals the contradiction and split between human consciousness and subconsciousness, making me doubt the authenticity of the images we present in reality. Therefore, my artistic practice is to constantly capture and feel those unobservable inner states of human beings in different contexts, such as dreams, fantasies, hallucinations, etc. I question their significance to real life. My works are mainly installations, paintings, short stories, videos, etc. While exploring the mental world of people inward, I also research the connection between actual society and human psychology. I endowed my works with fictional narrative backgrounds, just like building dreams in the real world, making them as insinuations and reflections on real problems, and trying to draw viewers’ attention to their inner experience.”

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mengmarta/

Danielle Hoogendoorn
I am critical of my own species and our role in the current climate. In the new world, I create within my work, humans and animals can finally coexist in harmony. Mythological and fairy-tale-like characters are taken out of their original context. Through shape, colour and symbolism our relationship with our furry friends is investigated further.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hoogendoorndanielle/

Alisa Osinga
makes glazed ceramic animals and (hybrid) figures, often perceived as uncanny or dark. She explores the meaning of animals in human cultures. In fairytales, fables, dreams, movies and art they are our messenger, guide and teacher. In her work, the animals symbolise the feelings and experiences that she struggles with.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coco.ceramic/