WORM + Lente Kabinet Festival 2022

The Lente Kabinet Festival is back and announces a brand new 2022 programme, held in Het Twiske on the 4th & 5th of June. Expect a musically diverse programme with names such as:  CARISTA, Equiknoxx, Leroy Burgess & Saving Coco, Eris Drew, De Schuurman, Ceephax Acid Crew and Anz & Ondo Fudd.

Cultural institutions and initiatives like Framer Framed, The Grey Space and WORM join the ride too, alongside avant-garde artists such as Telemagic, Steven de Peven and Nikki Hock.

FULL FESTIVAL DETAILS HERE https://www.hetkabinetfestival.nl/

An important facet of Lente Kabinet has always been its avant-garde arts programme. Many creatives, artists and initiatives will present work at Het Twiske: including Steven de Peven, Mette Sterre, Nikki Hock, Telemagic, Agnes Momirski and more. Collaborators from institutions and initiatives such as Framer Framed, The Grey Space, WORM, Kiosk Radio and Glamcult will be present too.


On the 12th of May, WORM will host an immersive audiovisual night that takes over our whole building as part of the partnership.
The vibrant programme includes live, art & sound performances by Radio Stasis, a concert by Mári Mákó and a club night courtesy of the local kick-ass DJs of PSYCHO CLUB.  Join us for free before 23h!

Framer Framed & The Grey Space have individually tailored programmes, too!