Staging Stasis

Staging Stasis Performative Exhibition
12 May / 19h – 22h / FREE
part of WORM X Lente Kabinet Festival

This is the first in the Radio Stasis x WORM Performative Exhibition series, showcasing work produced during the Staging Stasis radio residencies. The 5 residency pairs (10 participants in total), present and perform their works as part of a live radio broadcast performed from UBIK at WORM. 

Radio Stasis is a Rotterdam based collective, founded in March 2020. Otherwise known as ‘the airwaves match-makers’, they bring together Netherlands based creatives through their radio residency programme Staging Stasis. Staging Stasis was established in June 2020 with the intention of supporting experimental and innovative artistic practices, while connecting local creatives with each other and the larger art community in The Netherlands. Working through the medium of radio, Staging Stasis provides residents with the possibility to experiment and collaborate in the exploration, and often translation, of their practice in a sound based format. This is not a residency focused on an end result. Instead, we encourage the residents to linger, reflect, develop and share their processes, methods and tools.