Radio WORM makers: Philippe Petit

“Following the spirit of situationist irreverence and creativity I hope to stimulate a dérive towards a pleasant listen…”

Philippe Petit presents two shows, Modulisme and Early ElectroMIX, that alternate each week on Radio WORM. Tune in on Tuesdays, 16-17u.

Modulisme is on a mission to share-publish music from like-minded creative modularists and help ’em get some more exposure… But one has to bear in mind that behind each sound-designer are those who invent, design machines or modules aimed at becoming our instruments. Those geniuses, essential in helping to free our creativity, motivated the launching of I.T.A.T.I.O.M.: Inventors Talking About Their Instruments Or Modules.

Early ElectroMIX: While Modulisme’s priority is to support contemporary analogue electronic music, Petit also documents pioneering works which paved the way to what we create today. An essential guide through his favourites, those considered “repertoire works”, and all those that are (or should be) part of our history.

More info on facebook and instagram, and follow below on bandcamp.




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