Filmwerkplaats is WORM’s own artist-run film lab.
#Filmwerkplaats / Analogue / #DIY

Mission Statement

Filmwerkplaats is WORM’s own artist-run film lab. A workspace dedicated to DIY analogue practice, geared towards artists interested in film as an expressive, physical medium. Part of a larger network of artist-run labs in Europe, Filmwerkplaats functions as a centre for new experiments and debates around filmic creation. Our screening
programme encompasses a wide range of subject matter, showing works by members and guest-filmmakers throughout the year. We believe in promoting the full potential of the medium, and always look to explore the possibilities of film as a performative, tactile material.


We have a well-equipped working space for (do-it-yourself) 16mm film making and can draw on considerable resources and know-how regarding material, image developing and (chemical) manipulation, shooting, editing and printing techniques. The Filmwerkplaats equipment and the do-it-yourself film lab includes several dark rooms, two 16mm J-K optical printers, a B&H continuous contact printer, development tanks, an optical sound negative machine, a number of 16mm projectors, plenty of editing tables, Bolex cameras and much more. The lab is structured as an association.


Membership of the Filmwerkplaats do-it-yourself lab is dependent upon whether you can develop your own films and make tests and experiments. And our most fragile facility – the (Russian) Lomo developing tank(s) – is also the most essential facility. To become a new member, you will need to attend an introduction course on hand-processing film.


filmwerkplaats (at) worm (dot) org