Wunderplatz x SKILLS: Roel Weerdenburg

"Don’t Mass With My Head"

In the framework of WunderPlatz x Skills, WORM is inviting a new resident to make an intervention in our bar Wunderbar. We are pleased to announce we’ll host Roel Weerdenburg for a one month residency starting mid April.

Roel Weerdenburg is a composer, sonic designer and visual artist. Recurring techniques in his works are complex feedback systems, explorations of sonic and visual artefacts, combining hardware and software and the spatial use of sound and video. The audio/visual installations he makes are focussed on the repurposing, adapting, re- and upcycling of old electronic equipment.

Roel’s compositions, installations and performances were presented at places like Ars Electronica, GOGBOT, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Uncloud Festival, Bring Your Own Beamer, FAQ Festival, Pitch Festival and

As a resident artist, Roel will build a sculptural TV installation with multiple screens on a transformable metal structure. The installation is meant to be used as an inclusive platform, one that is available to show the works of multiple artists and be able to accommodate a wide range media file types.

The works we intend to show are very much the “typical WORM madness”, ranging from 3D animated to auto generative art and archival material. “Don’t Mass with My Head” translates the omnipresence of mass media to a giant structure displaying different channels of visual language.

Why is Roel fascinated by old audio and video equipment?

“An ethical motivation behind my process is the re- and upcycling of devices that still work perfectly fine, but are “outdated” because new technology has made them obsolete for their primary function.

It is easy to find affordable old equipment via second-hand or auctioning channels, and because of that, I can scale things up. Also, in some ways, it is easier to repair or modify old electronics yourself, since it hasn’t been completely miniaturized and black-boxed, like most contemporary electronics are. So, what I like artistically is that I can control hardware.

Of course, old equipment also has limitations, so it forces you to think and work differently. Aesthetically, I find that old technology has a lot of charm and your work almost always leads to happy little accidents.”

panOptical was installed at Ars Electronica in Kapitaal, Utrecht.

Keep an eye on our website and our socials for updates on Roel’s residency at WunderPlatz x SKILLS.