WORM x AMARTE Residency

WORM & Amarte Foundation

WORM & Amarte Foundation team up to provide an amazing opportunity for Netherlands-based creatives who are interested in an interdisciplinary way of working!

Residency is about site specific work in one of our three spaces: our black box theatre space, UBIK, our white cube gallery space, WORM Gallery or our radio station, Radio WORM.

We support artists who either create new work or whose work is in a development stage. This opportunity supports musicians, writers, audio-visual makers, tik tok producers, make-up artists, photographers, designers, producers, performers, choreographers, teachers, activists and digital artists, installation makers, radio makers and others who are ready to make site specific work using WORM’s facilities. We welcome any artistic practice who is ready to combine disciplines.

Interdisciplinary: Professional makers combining different disciplines within the project. The disciplines represented in the project have an equal artistic position. This means a fusion of disciplines takes place in which a new artistic language is jointly developed.