WORM x Amarte OPEN CALL for interdisciplinary makers

WORM & Amarte Foundation team up to provide you with an amazing opportunity! Are you a Netherlands-based creative who is interested in an interdisciplinary way of working? Then continue reading!

WORM & Amarte Foundation are looking for artists who would like to make interdisciplinary, site specific work in one of our three spaces: our black box theatre space, UBIK, our white cube gallery space, WORM Gallery or our radio station, Radio WORM.

We look to support artists who will either create new work or whose work is in a development stage. The work period should have a concrete outcome in the end.

This opportunity supports musicians, writers, audio-visual makers, tik tok producers, make-up artists, photographers, designers, producers, performers, choreographers, teachers, activists and digital artists, installation makers, radio makers and others who are ready to make site specific work using WORM’s facilities.

We welcome any artistic practice who is ready to combine disciplines. We encourage applicants from “non traditional” artistic backgrounds. And we are looking forward to meeting creators who explore unconventional and progressive ways of making and presenting.

Interdisciplinary: Professional makers combining different disciplines within the project. The disciplines represented in the project have an equal artistic position. This means a fusion of disciplines takes place in which a new artistic language is jointly developed.

Apply Here

What can you expect?

  • Before the deadline, we’ll host one online and one live meeting for all interested applicants, to strengthen your project-writing skills;
  • A selection committee from both Amarte and WORM will select 3 final projects;
  • The final 3 makers will receive 5.000 euro each to finalise their projects;
  • Between June and October each project will get the selected space in WORM to work, test, create, develop and research;
  • WORM will coach the artistic process, support technical needs and organise the presentations;
  • WORM will be your critical friend 🙂


  • Open Call begins: 15 December.
  • Open Call ends: 15 January
  • Selection announced: 15 March

Production & Presentation time in WORM

Production, try out period:

June: 5th – 10th;

July: 10th – 15th;

Sep: 4th – 8th, 10th

Build up: 9 – 12 October

Final Presentation: 13 – 14 Oct 2023

Application & Selection Process: 

-Name, Project Title, Project Proposal and Brief Budget (one A4 max) file / PDF, or in video format, talk about your project: duration 2 minutes.

-Break down your project plan into the provided time frame in short (June-October 2023)

-Portfolio (2 relevant previous projects) file PDF/ mp4 / mov / YouTube or Vimeo link

-Why do you want your project to be placed in WORM?

-Which space you imagine your project and why;

-What makes your project interdisciplinary?

-Who is your target audience? (in one sentence);

-How do you see this project evolving your artistic practice?

The final 3 makers will receive 5.000 euro each to finalise their projects.

About the facilitators:
The Amarte Foundation serves as a springboard for innovative artists, and supports projects in music, theater, film, visual arts, and literature. WORM is an experimental cultural space in the heart of Rotterdam.

The Spaces: 

UBIK: UBIK is WORM’s playground for performance artists and those artists who want to exchange embodied knowledge, experiment with ways of gathering, and research the art of performance in its broadest sense. It consists of a 12 x 13 metre sprung floor with light and sound facilities. There is a small kitchen to the side down some stairs. There is no tribune, the public surrounds the appointed stage or spreads through the space.

UBIK can accommodate a wide range of disciplines: whether theatre, visual arts, dance and circus, or rituals, opera and voguing, improvised collaborations, music-based actions, occult interventions and everything that has no name yet.

WORM Gallery: WORM Gallery is an exhibition space for fast changing presentations, small scale performance events, workshops and artists-in-residence. It is an open space measuring 7 metres wide and currently 11 metres deep from street to the Performance Bar border/curtain. There are two hanging walls. Specific lighting wishes and sound (up to 90 db maximum) can be arranged in advance.

WORM Gallery hosts forward-thinking visual and sonic projects, offers try-out space to art academy students and invites (international) residents to make work such as site-specific installations. The focus is on live interaction, and collaborations with local artists and WORM’s neighbours in the Cool district.

Radio WORM: Radio WORM is an online radio platform at the heart of WORM Rotterdam. Our studio hosts audio production of all descriptions, with over 80 resident shows as well as a shifting schedule of one-off events, mini-series and special guests.

Sound art, experimental music, interviews, mixes, informal reporting and in-depth talk-based series all find their place here: we’re always looking for what doesn’t fit anywhere else.

We welcome radio makers of all levels of experience, without limits on style or genre. We aim to reflect the many communities of WORM and beyond, with special interest in local stories and ongoing international connections. Radio art has always held a special place in our hearts, and we hold a tight connection with the WORM Sound Studio.