WORM x Amarte Foundation winners

WORM and Amarte Foundation teamed up last year in order to provide Netherlands-based artists with an amazing opportunity to make interdisciplinary site specific work in one of our three spaces. The three winning projects will work in our UBIK theatre, S\ash Gallery and Radio WORM to realise their projects.

We have selected a group of people that stood out to us with their work. Read down below to find out more about the selected artists and their work!




Marta Wörner and Nikos Ten Hoedt

Nikos and Marta have been collaborating since 2020. They have created guided musical and choreographic experiences that served as ‘warm-ups’ in clubs, ritualistic happenings in basements and multidisciplinary performances.

Dark Grey almost Black is a site-specific transdisciplinary performance and a poetic investigation of the Dutch young nightlife. The work uses choreography, installation art, drawings, paraphilia and DJing in a shared space with an active audience.


Kexin Hao

Kexin is a visual artist and designer born in Beijing and based in The Netherlands. Her practice is a marriage of design and performance. Kexin likes to challenge the boundaries between art and “non-art” space. She thinks beyond the disciplines of design, performance, game, clubbing, and fitness, which results in a rich hybridity in her art-making. In her recent practice, Kexin investigates the themes of body, rituals, health, labour, and collective memory.


Sabine Pendry and Nadia Bakhsieva

Our third winners are Sabine Pendry and Nadia Bakhsieva. Sabine is a soprano, actor, and performing artist based in Amsterdam. Her maker’s practice spans writing, composing, and theatre making, often relying on the intimacy of the sung voice, the lyricism of language, and physicality to create subjective and immersive worlds. 

Nadia is an opera director, media artist and independent game designer based in Amsterdam. Their project Nóstos” is a radio play, an ASMR opera, & a concept album. This work aims to produce a sonic & verbal language fit to describe, express, provoke, and soothe the fractured post-postmodern mind, while reflecting on themes of home, nostalgia, and sensorial memory. 


Keep an eye on our website because the next couple of weeks we will reveal more information on the development of the projects!