Radio WORM #183

Broadcast - Fri 21 May 2021
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 12:00
End → 22:00

Listen HERE to Radio WORM.

Vrijdag 21 mei schedule

1200u; Sonosphere. Lucija Gregov & deep listening.

1300u; Woodstone Kugelblitz. Apocalyptic Community Art. Vandaag, radio maker van dienst Jules presenteert het programma: Radio Wandelende Tak

1400u – 1600u; Earbitten with Radboud Mens. Intelligent electronics & beyond.

1600u; The Side Entrance. About improvisation with Tisa Neza Herlec, this week with special guest Giovanni di Domenico.

1700u; Fucking Good Art Radio. Shelter for daydreams is a weekly series of field-recordings, excursions, reportages, talks, readings and contributions. How do we want to live? What role can art play in this?

1800u; De HiFi Show. With Janpier Brands, international popmusic listening experience.

1900u; TBA!

2000u; Mixed Business. Mixed by Florian Cramer. Sonic experiments, outsider products, outtakes, trash, mind control, memes etc.

2100u; Kunstavond Radio Kunstavond Radio: Fridays 9pm CEST! With CBK, MAMA, V2, WORM, MELLY, TENT! Hosted by Kim de Haas en Shearey Pinas.
WORM presents The power of unheard voices | Endangered language and performance art. Curator Nia Konstantinova invites artist Natalia Papaeva to talk about her work.

CBK Rotterdam presents the series De Gedroomde Stad. In this series, Rotterdam artists talk about their favorite work in the city, the relationship with their own work, and are also asked about their dreams and desires for the city.

22:00u; DöRöT’s Undulating Frescoes. As in savouring ceilings of sounds [while staring at ceilings]. by Suzana Lascu. This week: Digesting, Vol. 2.