WORM Radio Makers: KunstAvond Radio

KUNSTAVOND RADIO | Fridays - 21:00 - 22:00

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Tune in, listen along and be surprised by the Kunstavond Radio (Art Evening Radio). From the end of April, in a one-hour broadcast, all Kunstblock institutions will take you into the world of contemporary art every Friday evening. With artists, commissioned work, background information and interviews. Listen along on Radio WORM! Keep an eye on this  page and our social media channels for more information.

Kunstblock partners: MAMA, TENT, CBK, Melly, V2 & WORM.

WORM will be featured with a 30min show on 30th of April, 21st of May and 18th of June.

April 30 |Kunstavond Radio & WORM Episode 1

Episode 1: Not really about something but merely in and around.
featuring a sound art piece by Rotterdam art collective WoodstoneKugelblitz.

She has to leave soon
so we’re in a hurry.
We should probably
change the perspective
as well as the language.
Maybe we should
turn it upside down.
Yes, yes, the ground
is our mirror.

Then time and it’s about complexity
The mirror is simple
but what about us hurrying?
Changing the language is
all the story.
All there is to it,
all there ever was
when facing the surface
without any reflection

Will we reflect on anything in particular?
Maybe it’s about regrets.


May 21 |Kunstavond Radio & WORM Episode 1

May 21 | 21:30 – 22:00 Episode 2: The power of unheard voices | Endangered language and performance art
Featuring Rotterdam based Curator Nia Konstantinova & Artist Natalia Papaeva.

Curator Nia Konstantinova invites Syberian Artist Natalia Papaeva for a talk. We will listen to 3 of Natalia’s performances and have a conversation about the importance of language and soundscapes in her work. We will ask: What brought Natalia back to her endangered mother tongue Buryat? How reconnecting to her language has influenced her work? How does she use repetition and rhythm as conceptual tools? What are her techniques to influence the emotions of the viewer?