Vacancies / Internships


WORM has a small number of permanent staff in charge of programming, production, promotion, catering, engineering and administration. Every year, WORM invites a small number of trainees to participate in the preparation and execution of our productions and events. The trainees come from different courses: whether Masters or Bachelors, from home and abroad, from the fields of the arts, leisure, communication, or regardless of qualification or background. Interns and trainees should choose WORM because they feel a connection with our ideas and want to contribute to developing them. That’s also an important reason why we choose our trainees.


  • Currently we have no open positions.

Qualifications, Hours, Payment
Stagiaires: Your qualifications can be Technical, Bachelor, Master, postgraduate and/or supreme natural talent. But being multilingual and proof of competent and correct use of Dutch and English is a big advantage. Be warned! The pay is the national going rate: 200 euros A MONTH for max of 40 hours A WEEK.


WORM is the Open City in Rotterdam. We have a strong tradition of creating unique avant-garde programming in the fields of music, film, performance and visual arts, and hybrids of these disciplines. WORM is located at Boomgaardsstraat 71, in the heart of Rotterdam.