Vacancies / Internships


Op dit moment er zijn geen vakatures of stagiairplekken.


  • Stagiaires: Your qualifications can be Technical, Bachelor, Master, postgraduate and/or supreme natural talent.  But being multilingual and proof of competent and correct use of Dutch and English is a big advantage. (Be warned! The pay is the national going rate: 150 euros A MONTH for 40 hours A WEEK.) If you see something that suits you, then send an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.
    1. Assistant Business Support 
      For business and administrative work in the WORM office.
    2. Project Worker
      For general or specific project delivery within the organisation.
    3. 2 Project Staff Art & Performance
      For the production and promotion of our performances, exhibitions and related activities.

    Working at WORM
    WORM has 12 permanent staff in charge of programming, production, promotion, catering, engineering and administration. Every year, WORM invites around 10 trainees to participate in the preparation and execution of our productions and events. The trainees come from different courses: whether Masters or Bachelors, from home and abroad, from the fields of the arts, leisure, communication, or regardless of qualification or background. Trainees choose WORM because they feel a connection with our ideas and want to contribute to developing them. That’s also an important reason why we choose our trainees.

    What is WORM
    WORM is the Institute for Avantgarde Recreation in Rotterdam. We have a strong tradition – stretching back two decades – of creating unique and remarkable programming in the fields of music, film, performance and visual arts (including hybrids of these disciplines). WORM is located at Boomgaardsstraat 71, in the heart of Rotterdam.

    What does WORM do?
    Historically, WORM has championed (and boasts a strong relationship with) the counterculture and DIY ethics. Our programme consists of concerts, club nights, performances, exhibitions and happenings, debates, film nights and multi-multifestivals. In addition, there are several workshops; such as WORM Sound Studio, the Filmwekplaats, the WORM Pirate Bay archive and UBIK Makerspace; where both Rotterdam’s and the international community of artists and musicians can prepare productions. Food and drink is another important part of our culture: we have our own bar and bar restaurant. WORM is a well-known and well-known magnet for touring and international DIY artists, whether musicians and filmmakers, performers and visual artists. When creating of our programmes, we work with key characters from the many and various scenes in Rotterdam. On this basis, we realise approximately 250 programmes annually, which have an audience reach of approximately 90,000 people each year. We are supported by the municipality of Rotterdam, the Mondriaan Fund and the FPK (‘Skip Scheme’).



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