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Who are we? What do we do?
WORM / #AvantargistischeStad


This is WORM’s Manifesto for an Avantgardistic State; a physical and mental state of being where we offer alternatives and hangouts that offer a workable alternative to dominant cultural movements. From here we clearly state, and distribute our mission, artistic practice, and legacy.

WORM’s Avantgardistic State is found in a building in the Boomgaardsstraat, a side street of the Witte de Withstraat in the centre of Rotterdam. We have access to a well supplied EventstageFilmhausExhibition SpaceTheatre SpacePerformancebarPirate Bay Media ArchiveAnalogue Sound StudioAnalogue Filmlab and #Wunderbar café. Here, we organise and host film screenings, talks, exhibitions, performances, theatre shows, concerts, club nights, debates, workshops, readings and much more.

From our ‘bastion’ we recruit and train (new and old) likeminded souls, produce and realise publications and organise public events with all kinds of artists.

Our strategy (Avantgardistic Statepropaganda) consists of four phases: Recruitment, Training, Production and Execution. We follow this strategy according to the laws of guerrilla warfare and do this with any means necessary (except, of course, for physical violence and intimidation).

Our battle plan is a continuation of our previous theme ‘Het Vrolijke Verlies’, in which we searched for an appreciation of modern times by intensely ‘living through’ the loss of old values. This process has result in a new kind a self consciousness, work ethic and artistic mentality that we reveal in this manifesto.

Click here for the complete Manifesto – unfortunately still only in Dutch but we are working really hard to provide an English one.

WORM Avantgarde State Television (WORM AS TV) will present an inside look at everything that is going on in the Avantgardistic State. Watch all episodes that have been released so far by clicking here.


We are based in the centre of Rotterdam, on the Witte de Withstraat. Our venue, archives and studios are built with recycled materials, our systems are energy efficient and we provide organic food and drink. You dance on sandblasted desktops, you watch films whilst sitting in discarded airplane seats, and you order a Gulpener beer at a bar made from rusty factory doors. Each day we heat our office using the heat you’ve danced out at night.

Stager Event Management & Ticketing

Alongside our artistic activities, WORM is active in the world of commerce, as (co-) owner of Stager B.V..We have developed a tool for event planning, marketing and e-ticketing, which is now used by dozens of theatres, venues and festivals. Ecologically cultural entrepreneurship. Nondeju!


Don’t be afraid to bombard us with ideas and plans. We work with a large group of people and organisations that shape the programme with us. Our contact details are here.

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