OPEN CALL for research & workshops


Read and submit your ideas for WORM's Pirate Bay Program

Worm Pirate Bay presents to you two OPEN CALLS for 2022/2023: a collective research open call and an open call for workshops. WORM Pirate Bay will provide artist fees, material costs, and travel costs (within the NL). 

The deadline is the 15th of September.

Collective Research Open Call

WORM Pirate Bay welcomes proposals for community-based and/or collective research projects. Do you have a question about a community that you are a part of? Are you interested in collective learning and experiences? Then send in your proposal! You do not need a research question, but will need to have a topic that you would like to explore collectively with others.

During your residency, you will receive access to WORM facilities, a working space in the WPB Archive, and an artist fee. And of course, will have support from the organisation to realise your vision!

Previous research residencies topics have included:

You can send a written proposal and/or make a video, whatever works best for you.

Proposal should have include:

Description/context of project idea:

Target audience:

Why the research is important:

Time period of the residency (1-3 months):

How would you like to present your research findings?

Email with your ideas.


Workshop Open Call

WORM Pirate Bay loves unconventional knowledge sharing— especially skills that others might be able to use in their own artistic practices. So we’re inviting YOU to send in a workshop proposal to share your gifts with our community.

Do you have a skill that others might be able to use in their artistic practice? Maybe mask making, performance strategies, makeup tutorials, set design, creative writing, funding proposals, or something else entirely.

We will be selecting some workshops for the 2022-2023 season, and we would love to see your ideas! Facilitators will receive a fee and material costs budget. 

Proposals should include:

-overall description of the workshop

-small breakdown of what will happen

-amount of time needed

-materials required

Please send applications to