Puck Schot: special guest at Feminist Cult Film Night

"An Inflamed Appeal" touches upon relationships, gender roles, loneliness, stress and flashbacks, “gunge” fetish, taboos, porn culture and television.

Rotterdam-based artist Puck Schot’s short film is fascinating and quite uncanny, depicting Dystopia in an original way.
She wrote a sexless film script and paid a pornographic production company (providing “custom fetish videos” to your request) to perform it. We see a young couple in a bleak apartment, professional actors doing their job. They tell each other strange prophesies as if they are fortune tellers.
The work criticizes pornography for its empty feeling in scenarios and story-lines in a quiet, non-linear story that includes the awkwardness of being a voyeur. It also exposes the growing market of fulfilling people’s personal fantasies via specialized websites.

Puck Schot will be our guest during the X-Topia Feminist Cult Film night!
Be there to hear all about her motivations.