Radio WORM Podcasts!

WORM is delighted to bring you a hopefully long series of podcasts made here on the Boomgaardsstraat for Radio WORM.

Podcast #1 - Radio Pareidolia - Leonor Faber-Jonker

In this 6-part podcast, Leonor Faber-Jonker is your guide in the mysterious realm of music and memory. Digging into her (post)punk record collection, she explores how music attaches itself to experiences, people, and places, what happens when we suddenly hear new things in songs we have heard a thousand times, and how music history is written.

You can listen and read about the individual episodes here on the Radio Pareidolia page, on Google Play or at Captivate FM.

Podcast #2: Lukas Simonas selects from the WORM Archive: coming soon in October...

A series of radioplays from the riches of WORM’s decades of experimental audio, selected by Lukas Simonas.

Podcast #3: Vitamina with Mina Kim: coming in November!

Mina Kim’s fortnightly show Vitamin brings an exceptional selection of ‘vitaminful’ electroacoustic, eccentric, and experimental sounds from South Korea. We’ll release a selection of episodes to listen back.