Our friends Coco María and Arp Frique are reinventing the idea of music television here at WORM!

Coco & The Frique is part Public Access TV, part late-night cable talkshow, part The Tube and 100% WORM. Each episode features interviews and performances by local and international artists, with sketches and animations, and all the regular chaos that today’s slick streaming services fail to provide.

Television is dead, long live the Internet! A slight exaggeration perhaps, but the Internet is permanent and always available, 24 hours a day. The traditional forms of music television (MTV, or in the Netherlands, for example, Vrije Geluiden) are gradually disappearing, and we think our kind of show fits perfectly into the modern world.


In short, Coco & The Frique brings headliner and underground musicians together in a fun and inspiring manner. New relationships begin and blossom! And WORM invites visual and multidisciplinary makers in Rotterdam to help make and direct the shows.

The process of making TV in these digital times may sound strange. But, in line with WORM’s Open City’s wider brief of collaborating with others to create new forms of cultural production, it affords a lot of opportunities for exploring new ideas, and new hybrid kinds of making you’d not normally associate with classic TV.  Niels Neuborg (aka The Frique) explained.

As production home for Coco & The Frique, WORM brings its full creative expertise to the party. Collaboration on visual, technical and set design by Werner van der Zwan (multimedia artist on cameras, editing), Davids Danoss (multimedia artist on cameras), Matthias Carter (on cameras, titles, visuals), Vincent Denieul (wizard on audio), and Ash Kilmartin (artist and Radio WORM programmer as production lead and stage management).

Where can I sign up?

A new episode of Coco & The Frique drops every month on their dedicated youtube channel, with bonus tracks (and extra music videos, unedited interviews and more) added regularly.

Episode 1 features Japanese trio Kuunatic and Dutch-Surinamese jazz legend Ronald Snijders.

In Episode 2 we hear from Dennis Bovell and Rotterdam’s finest Another Taste plays Mad Honey.

Episode 3 with none other than Jameszoo and Alabaster dePlume!

Episode 4 comes along on October 13, stay tuned!

..and did you happen to see Coco & The Frique LIVE at Down the Rabbit Hole this summer? Those extra special episodes—on stage and behind-the-scenes—are on their way too!