Coco & The Frique is a live, on-the-spot underground music television show, made in WORM! Hosted by Coco María and Arp Frique, each episode features interviews and performances from local and international musicians. With sketches, animations and crowd interaction, the show is produced by young multidisciplinary makers and performers connected with WORM.

Coco & Arp Frique invite artists from among their group of talented friends around the world. This episode features Jameszoo and some unexpected accompaniment, and Alabaster dePlume with pals Snow Apple. 

Jameszoo brings his very best boogie-woogie all the way from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, via global acclaim for his releases on Brainfeeder and regular show on NTS. This internationally renowned Dutch producer joins us with some surprises!

Manchester-raised jazz sweetheart Alabaster DePlume is here to remind you: don’t forget you’re precious. Despite the chaos and challenges of this world, Alabaster brings a sense of calm and endless curiosity to the shared journey we call life. For his performance, he’s joined by two members of Rotterdam-based international interdisciplinary creative outfit Snowapple.

Also sitting in on this episode is Americo Brito, who sadly passed away in the time since this episode was filmed. Americo was an inspiration and friend to Arp and many others in the musical family, and this broadcast is dedicated to his memory.

WORM Open City enables opinionated, independent people to create and present work. We support them with infrastructure, advice and action, and share a network of local and (inter) national kindred spirits. Artists and audience groups meet in a vibrant cultural experience. 

Contributors to this episode are:

Hosts: Arp Frique and Coco María

Camera: Werner van der Zwan, Davids Danoss, Matthias Carter

Live audio: Vincent Denieul, Jorrit Westerhof

Lighting: Ton Krooswijk

Editing: Werner van der Zwan

Audio mixing: Arp Frique

Set design: Arp Frique and WORM team

Talking trash bins: Werner van der Zwan

TV stack visuals: Matthias Carter

Puppets: Nepco

Production and stage management: Ash Kilmartin