Radio WORM #171

Broadcast - Fri 7 May 2021
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 12:00
End → 22:00

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Vrijdag 7 mei schedule

1200u; Sonosphere. Lucija Gregov & deep listening.

1300u; Woodstone Kugelblitz. Apocalyptic Community Art. Vandaag, radio maker van dienst Jules presenteert het programma: Radio Wandelende Tak

1400u – 1600u; Earbitten with Radboud Mens. Intelligent electronics & beyond.

1600u; The Side Entrance. About improvisation with Tisa Neza Herlec. interviews, live sets, new records.

1700u; Fucking Good Art. About the environment of art, not to mention art itself…

1800u; De HiFi Show. With Janpier Brands, international popmusic listening experience.

1900u; Ever Widening Circles. with Linus Bonduelle and Ash Kilmartin. This week with Ash: travels from Sydney to Tokyo to Cologne c.1985 with the Fairlight CMI.

2000u; Mixed Business. Mixed by Florian Cramer. Sonic experiments, outsider products, outtakes, trash, mind control, memes etc.

2100u; Kunstavond Radio Kunstavond Radio: Fridays 9pm CEST! With CBK, MAMA, V2, WORM, MELLY, TENT! This week:

TENT presents "Off-Shore", a concept album, directed by Lavinia Xausa in collaboration with the Rotterdam spoken-word artists and musicians Neusa Gomes, Kiki Luitwieler, Kevin Josias, Adeiye Tjon, Rik Zutphen, Kenny Gomes, Shiva Willem, Jephan Esseboom, and Ismael Lo. The music and lyrics in the album, are written in response to their conversations about the super-diverse character of Rotterdam, Dutch colonial history, and how it continues to this day in Rotterdam communities. Tonight, Xausa will guide the audience in listening to the album.

MAMA interviews a music scientist on how Radio jingles influence our brain and what it does to our mind when we listen to them. Afterward, the crew in the studio will test their Jingle knowledge.

22:00u; DöRöT’s Undulating Frescoes. As in savouring ceilings of sounds [while staring at ceilings]. by Suzana Lascu. This week: Organ transplant.