Field Recordings 4 – Day 2

FIlm - Sat 12 November 2022
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 14:00
End → 23:00

Field Recordings 4 – Day 2
A new year, a new chapter for Field Recordings! On 11, 12, and 13 November, we will present a programme oscillating between anthropology, cinema, and art. The fourth edition features slow films, radical self-portraits, live sonic performances, and much more. Founded in 2018, Field Recordings is a platform for screening, discussing and practicing critical forms of fieldwork – from sensory ethnographies and experimental documentaries to live sound performances and situated praxes of listening.

Saturday tickets: DAY ticket €12,50 (online only) // Single screening tickets €8,50 (door only)


14:00-16:00 Short film programme
MAT ET LES GRAVITANTES – Pauline Pénichout (2020)
Mat and her friends are taking part in a self-gynecology workshop in a squat in Nantes. The workshop evokes questions on sexuality, self-expression, and consent. A radical portrait, Mat et les gravitantes is a militant act of filmmaking.

MعLMIN – Loes Moree (2022)
MعLMIN chronicles the domestic lives of six young men. Some have lived their whole life in Amsterdam; others have fled war-torn Syria. The paths of these six men meet when they come to live in the same housing unit. Fear of ‘the other’ slowly evolves into brotherhood. Merging an ethnographic sensibility and filmmaking, MعLMIN is an intimate portrait on belonging, nostalgia, and shyness.

We’re excited to share that Loes Moree will be present to introduce her work. Visual Anthropologist Dr. Lana Askari will join us to moderate a Q&A with Loes.

NIU IN THE LAST DAY OF FALL – Xinyuan Zheng Lu (2017)
A docu-fiction, Niu in the last day of fall is a portrait of youth entering adulthood. Musing about falling in love, growing apart, and travelling abroad, the film chronicles the start of fall and the disappearance of our loved ones. In Niu in the last of fall, people come and go, not unlike gusts of winds.

16:30-18:45 THE CLOUD IN HER ROOM – Zheng Lu Xinyuan (2020)
A pastiche of domestic life and otherworldly/dreamy scenes, The Cloud in her Room is an intimate portrait of Muzi. A 22-year-old university graduate, Muzi returns to her hometown for Chinese New Year. In Hangzhou, she encounters a strange man who reminds her of an old friend – waking up memories of her relationship with whom that suddenly disappeared into thin air. A black-and-white film on belonging and rootlessness, The Cloud in her Room merges astonishing compositions with a radical representation of alienated youth.
After the screening Zheng Lu Xinyuan will join us digitally to introduce her work. Visual Anthropologist Dr. Lana Askari will moderate the Q&A. (18:15-18:45)

20:30-22:30 JET LAG – Zheng Lu Xinyuan (2021)
Jet Lag is a radical and moving documentary by filmmaker Zheng Lu Xinyuan. Because of the sudden covid-19 outbreak in 2020, the director and her girlfriend Zoe got stuck in Austria. Enduring the lock-down, they dug into the family mystery of Zheng’s Great Grandpa through a VHS tape and footage that she shot 2 years back in Myanmar. Jet lag is an intimate and stunning family portrait, boldly combined with reflections on the political conflicts in Myanmar.

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