FEM FEST 2022 – Kick Off

Consent Workshop, Virtual Exhibition Opening, Kick Off Party
Festival - Fri 4 March 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 18:30
End → 02:00

We’re kicking things off! Learn some new tools during our consent workshop hosted by KONTRA. Dive into an uncertain future during “The Transient Life of the Supernova” expo opening in our digital space. And finally, dance the night away with your friends at the digital party with Ampfeminine.


18.30 – 20:00 – CONSENT WORKSHOP

Consent is often portrayed as something complicated and almost incomprehensible. Yet the concept of body autonomy is something we become familiar with since the moment our bodies enter the world. During this workshop, we will be exploring the bounds of both sexual consent and consent in the public space, as we hope to foster an open learning environment in which the participants will be able to share experiences and ask questions. With this, we hope to build a culture of consent within our own Rotterdam community and provide practical tools to the participants. KONTRA’s own Joana Cavaco will be giving the workshop.

It is free, you can get your ticket here.

The workshop will take place in person at WORM

19.30 – The Transient Life of the Supernova Virtual exhibition opening – MORE INFORMATION

ONLINE PORTAL will be launched at 19:00 on Friday. Enter the X-TOPIAN FEM FEST Universe HERE.

ARTISTS: Ada M. Patterson // Lisa Vander Plaetse & Monika Vineyard // Ali Lucchinelli, Mijntje Van der Linden, Anouk Genrich // Kirsten van Werven // Cy X // Hannah Sterke // Danii Walton // Erik Peters

21.00 – 02.00 – FEM FEST kick off party – Dose of AMPFEMININE

AMPFEMININE Collective is a diverse collective based in Rotterdam aiming to create more opportunity for women and minorities in the nightlife scene, as well as events that are safer spaces for anyone and everyone.

It’s confirmed! FEM FEST will kick off with a REAL CLUB NIGHT courtesy of Ampfeminine! Meet the women who will take over the DJ pult on 4th of March. Get your tickets HERE. Fee €5

Listen to the radio stream HERE