Creatives with Unseen Disabilities

- Sat 26 November 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 10:00
End → 13:00

Come join us to celebrate the final show of Creatives with Unseen Disabilities (CUD), a community-based project for creatives living with invisible disabilities, chronic illnesses or those who are neurodiverse.

In the last 6 months facillitators Kristin Langer, Karina Dukalska and the participants met on a monthly basis for group sessions to connect, collaborate and discuss inaccessibilities within the creative industry. Together with various guest speakers, the sessions focused on topics such as: disability language and pride; how to balance self-care and work; and how disability can shape our creative practices.

The theme is Creative Crip Utopia Workspace: come and dream with us about what an accessible art world could look like! This event is open to all, no matter whether you are living with a disability or not. We are launching a zine that captures all that we have explored during the residency, our CUD radio show will be playing in a comfy, fort-like headphone corner, there will be a bed-based performance piece and artworks of the participants will be showcased all evening long! Home cooked food and non-alcoholic drinks will be served at the bar inside Slash.

It’s going to be a cozy evening of fun, so come meet fellow disabled artists and join us in dreaming of an accessible creative world!

As the event is for and by disabled creatives, please be mindful of tighter corona regulations. Wearing medical masks will be necessary, and keeping distance when possible will be highly appreciated. The event will take place in a wheelchair-accessible space with a wheelchair-accessible bathroom. The lights will be soft and dimmed. There will be a comfy quieter spot if you’d like a moment to rest. If you have any other accessibility needs, please let us know HERE

Alvar Monroy, Beatrijs Rümke, Daphnis Monastirioti, Hester van Dam-Pieters, Maartje Reggin, Nicole Sciarone, Noli Kat, Pier van Wijk, Sara Rosa Espi, Neon.Tink, Victor Evink

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Design by Karina Dukalska