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Creatives with Unseen Disabilities. Residency registration.
Beginning in April, WORM Pirate Bay creatives-in-residence Karina Dukalska and Kristin Langer will facilitate Creatives with Unseen Disabilities (CUD) – a community-based research project for creatives living with (partially) invisible disabilities, chronic illnesses or whom are neurodiverse.

CUD is assembling a group of 8-10 creatives who would like to share their experiences. With the group they will try to find common issues within the creative industry, and how to make the space more accessible. There will be 6 sessions (across 7 months), each filled with time for personal reflection, group discussions and workshops. These workshops are led by varied experts from different fields, whether artists/creators, researchers, educators, or community builders. These sessions hope to give space to empower one another and find a balance between health and creative practice.
APPLY HERE! – Open call closes on 28th of March

Saturday 23rd April   
Saturday 14th May 14.00-16.30
Saturday 18th June 14.00-16.30
Saturday 16th July 14.00-16.30
Saturday 17th September 14.00-16.30
Saturday 15th October 14.00-16.30

CUD uses ‘Unseen’ to emphasise that all disabilities are visible to those who are willing to see them. Many creatives don’t disclose their medical issues and needs due to social stigma, feel they are alone with their problems or do not feel safe in spaces that are not accessible to them. As a community, issues such as industry expectations, managing discretion, or to what extent health forms an individual’s artistic practice could be explored. In this residency, Karina and Kristin want to create moments for people to support one another, to collaborate or organise.

All unseen disability forms and journeys are valid, come join the group project and research!

Whilst group meetings will not be open to the public, we believe that the knowledge and experience gathered during the residency will be important to share beyond the group. Therefore, the output of the project will be a small publication so that the joined wisdom can be shared with the wider public. There will also be a monthly show on WORM radio where the gems of the ongoing research will be shared.


We also welcome applications via audio or video, if you require. Those can be sent to
Accessibility info: The workshop room and bathroom next to it are wheelchair accessible. The sessions will be in English.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email us at