Join WORM and Amarte in an exciting exploration of the concept of ALGORITHMS through diverse mediums. We invite collectives and creative groups to showcase their unique perspectives on the concept of algorithms and their impact on our lives.  

Are you part of a collective or an artist group based in The Netherlands? Then read on, this might be for you! 


Throughout history, algorithms have served as intuitive guides, shaping rule systems, game mechanics, architectural plans, musical scores, and more. In both visual and auditory arts, algorithms have played a pivotal role, serving as instruments of creation and inspiration.

Algorithms permeate our daily existence, providing step-by-step solutions to problems and facilitating our learning processes. They dictate how we navigate cities, structure our routines, and even enjoy our breakfast. Algorithms are the invisible frameworks that underpin our world.

We’re seeking various interpretations on this theme, encouraging creatives to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and perhaps even disrupt established algorithms in their creative endeavours. 

Who is it for?

The open call is specifically aimed at collectives of different disciplines that are willing to create site-specific projects based on the theme algorithms using WORM’s facilities.

We are looking for the following four types of projects that will be site-specific to the different spaces of WORM (read more about the spaces under ‘spaces’):

  • Publishing (printing and radio/podcast)
  • Exhibition (installation, mixed media)
  • Experimental performance (theatre, dance/movement)
  • Club night concept (with inventive cultural impact)

A group of at least 3 creatives can apply together, even without being a “formal” collective. Do you and your friends share a studio, or do you know a few creatives with whom you would like to explore this possibility? Then you can apply together even if you are not a long-term collective.

We want to support creators who want to make new projects or whose projects are in a developmental stage. You will create your work using WORM’s facilities and the work period must ultimately result in a concrete outcome.

What to expect?

These four collectives / creative groups will receive €5,000 each to complete their projects;

Between September and November, each collective / artists groups will have access to the selected space in WORM to work, experiment, create, develop, and explore;

WORM will coach the artistic process, support technical needs, and organise presentations;

The Spaces

  • UBIK: WORM’s playground for performance artists and artists who want to exchange knowledge, experiment with ways of coming together and explore performance art in its broadest sense. The space consists of a 12 x 13 metre sprung floor with lighting and sound facilities. There is a small kitchen to the side via a staircase. There is no grandstand; the audience surrounds the performance floor or spreads out through the space. UBIK hosts a wide variety of disciplines: be it theatre, visual arts, dance and circus, or ritual, opera and vogueing, etc.
  • Slash Gallery: an exhibition space for rapidly changing presentations, small-scale performance events, workshops and artists-in-residence. It is an open space 7 metres wide and currently 11 metres deep with two hanging walls. Specific lighting requirements and sound (up to a maximum of 90 DB) can be arranged in advance. Slash Gallery hosts cutting-edge visual and sonic projects and invites (international) residents to create work such as site-specific installations.
  • Radio WORM & De Boog: Radio WORM and De Boog are spaces for experimental publishing. The radio studio hosts all kinds of audio productions, with over 80 regular programs and a changing schedule of one-off events, miniseries and special guests. WORM welcomes radio makers of all levels, with no restrictions on style or genre. De Boog is a print shop/atelier where WORM has a table to experiment with different printing techniques. The studio is a graphic workshop for collective use, you can use the space and the Riso printer. The location of this station is outside WORM. The collective working in these stations will present their result at #Wunderbar in WORM. Wunderbar has several display windows and a table or installation can be set up for publications.
  • Centraal Station: the main stage at WORM. It can transform from cinema to concert hall to club environment. For this project, it will serve as a home to a club concept. It is approximately an 11 x 15 metre space with a functioning bar. It has a sound system and lighting equipment. A DJ booth can be placed in different places depending on the stage design. It has a capacity for 300/350 people and has been home to many Dutch and international club concepts, bands and artists.

You can find floor plans of the spaces on this page of WORM’s website, under “specifications.”


Open Call Schedule:
Open Call is open from 23rd of April to 21st of May, 2024 (23:59)
The selection will be announced in the 2nd week of July. 

Development Period:
First meeting –  mid September.
Production: October & November 2024.  (agendas will be discussed with each project)Final presentation of the chosen projects will happen on the same day throughout the whole building of WORM in December 2024.

How to Apply

You can apply for the open call until May 21, 2024, 23:59. You can apply in Dutch or English. Follow the steps below to submit your project:

View Open Call on Amarte website.

  • Click on Apply to enter the online application environment. Here you click on register and enter your email address. A password will be sent to you. With your email address and password you can then log in.
  • You start a new application by clicking on ‘Start new application’.
  • Click on ‘WORM X Amarte 2024’ and then on the check mark to go to the application form. This form forms the basis of your application. You can save your application in between to continue working on it later.
  • Fill out the form as completely as possible.
  • Upload the necessary documents to support your application. The maximum file size is 20Mb. You can also provide links to YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud in your application. We prefer not to receive links to documents in a Dropbox or Drive.
  • Once you have checked your request, click send. You will receive an instant confirmation of receipt.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the project manager. If your application meets all the formal criteria, you will receive an email with your reference number.
  • The advisory committee will process your application. Keep an eye on your mailbox. Sometimes the advisory committee needs more information to assess your application. In that case the project manager will mail you.
  • When your application has been reviewed you will receive notification of this via email.

Information & Attachments
Name, project title, project proposal (one A4 max.) file / PDF, or in video format, tell about your project: duration 2 minutes. Summarise your project plan briefly within the specified timeframe (Okt/Nov 2024)

Additional questions:
– Why do you want your project to be placed in WORM?
– Could you tell us about your collective?
– Who is your target audience? (in one sentence)
– How do you see this project evolving your artistic practice?

We would like to get an impression of the artistic practice(s) of the collective and your plans. In the application form we therefore ask you to describe the project and your planning.In addition, we ask you to upload the following attachments with your application:

  • A budget plan (max. 1 A4)
  • A portfolio (max. 3 A4)

Please note: Amarte and WORM are committed to the fair practice code. By this we mean that you offer yourself as a maker and the people you work with the following: clear agreements, a safe and inclusive working environment and also fair payments. Keep this in mind when preparing the application and budget plan. Make sure each collective member is adequately paid.

Do you have any questions about the application & open call? Contact us  at info@amarte.nl.

About the organisations:
The Amarte Foundation serves as a springboard for innovative artists and supports projects in music, theatre, film, visual arts, and literature. WORM is an experimental cultural space in the heart of Rotterdam.