WORM is twenty-five years old! And we will celebrate this milestone in a playful and independent manner. So why not come and “recreate avantgardistically” with us through 2024? Keep an eye out on our agenda for special WORM 25 events and activities in all our communal spaces. Check the ribbon on our homepage or scroll down, to read the first in a series of interviews with WORMpeople, past and present.

And – coming soon – tune in for a fascinating new series about hidden histories in the institute on Radio WORM, ‘WORM in 25 Objects’. Fun, perceptive, misunderstood, welcoming, annoying, inspiring, and still adding the sand into Rotterdam’s vaseline, WORM continues to be a champion and haven for forward-thinking, plurality, and collective practice.

This is a transitional year for the institute. As the institute turns 25, WORM evolves. We have learned from our time as the Open City to offer a new relationship with the world: Ultimate Playground. You can read about that story in depth, here, in our About section.

WORM recognises that uncertainty is the current reality. The call to come together, to create, to empower, to dance, to liberate, to discover and to share has never been more needed. Let’s do our best to counter the forces, and narratives, of violence and division with joie de vivre, activism and self-sufficiency.

WORM - "Vision as Mission"

Onze visie als missie: WORM als katalysator voor nieuwe perspectieven en draagt bij aan vrolijkmakende meerstemmigheid!

Hier gaan we niet voor een revolutie, maar voor een evolutie: naar verdiepingverbindingverbreding en verankering.


WORM is an independent and forward-thinking arts venue that has a unique, contrary and inspiring presence in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and the world.

We occupy a distinctive position in the cultural world thanks to our hybrid and decentralised approach, and the space we give to transdisciplinary artists. WORM has a strong reputation as an experimental culture house for music, film, club, art, talk, community and performance programmes. Approximately 500 public activities take place in WORM every year. And with (for example) 140+ active radio makers and many small-scale community projects continually working in the building, it is almost impossible to fully encompass what WORM is. We can say it is a living creative entity. The unique composition of our organisation has created an extensive network over time, with many trusted personal contacts and organisations, worldwide. We are a partner for many (inter)national venues and festivals, but also, still, that first point of contact for grassroots and informal organisations. We are constructive connectors and often act as a Critical Friend, and aim for sustainable and reciprocal relationships.

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