Willem Pijper Centenary: Christine Cornwell

Meet the artists: Christine Cornwell

Christine Cornwell is a performer, composer and producer based in Rotterdam with strong links to free improvisation and collective practice, and strives to initiate projects for artists from different disciplines to work together. She works closely with performers and audience; seen recently at Screen Dive/Gaudeamus in Utrecht, workshops with Hackers&Designers + Questions Collective in Amsterdam, and a new series, ‘Sounding Here’ at Rotterdam’s Batavierhuis.

For the Willem Pijper celebration, Christine will create a live piece performed by an ensemble and fixed media starting with four texts – responding to letters written by Pijper – read by people who live in Rotterdam; from different ages, backgrounds and languages.

Christine has a Masters in Classical Composition from Codarts University of the Arts, and a Bachelor in Music Performance (violin) from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. She currently mentors students at Codarts University of the Arts and is studying and MA at Central St Martins, University of the Art, London.


On the piece for the Pijper celebration at WORM, Christine proposes a title: “PIJP-dreams woven together are strong-ER” and suggests that “What we make surrounds us, what we are surrounded with influences us, what we surround ourselves with becomes our home and this carefully balanced environment is changing every day until it is beyond control and beyond recognition. During Pijper’s time in Rotterdam much was lost and now we, the newcomers, bring our own surroundings to swirl in the river and between towers…”

A taster of Christine's practice

Project Partner: Gaudeamus https://gaudeamus.nl