Ratri Notosudirdjo – Performance Residency (nov – dec)

This November and December WORM welcomes back artist Ratri Notosudirdjo as our resident artist in the programme Wunderplatz X Skills. During this period she will be producing a series of public performances with methods that intersect scriptwriting, movement and soundscapes. 

In her practice Ratri is inspired to carve landscapes that encapsulate the meeting points between individuals of different diasporic or migrative backgrounds, and how their negotiations and tensions uniquely shape a space. The performances she instructs often lead to bordering theatrical productions that incorporate ceremony, ritual, costume and sculptural installation. These elements work together to tell stories of liminal lands and are presented in public spaces. Visually they play with surrealism, fantasy, puppetry and alternative reality. 


During the residency Ratri will be facilitating workshops for those interested in shaping these performative works alongside her. This invitation extends to those with backgrounds in all fields that have a desire to experiment with performance art.

Within her creative practice, Ratri explores notions of a migrating body and how it manifests through storytelling. In the workshops we will be looking at ways to translate various objects into language, into composition and finally into presentation and movement. If you are interested you can reply on the OPEN CALL here.

As an outcome of this residency, Ratri Notosudirdjo invites you along to two special OPEN DAYS, where visitors are invited to watch the final presentations of the performances, take part in the process and enjoy some warm tea or coffee!

On November 26, UBIK opens it’s doors to the public for an open rehearsal of UUAHIB from 17:30 – 20:30. The artist and performers will walk you through the process of making the sound pieces and choreography.
event link here

On December 20 the work Shoulder to Shoulder will be performed for the first time at the WORM office. The performance work is a study of “office people phenomena” and their movements. Together we explore the office itself as a dead space. (Time T.B.A.)

Ratri Notosudirdjo (Jakarta, 1994) is a performance and installation artist based in Rotterdam. Her research and practice engage with de- and postcolonial theory, centring on storytelling in a contemporary context. Examining mechanisms that enable cultural and poetic identity, her work finds ways to experiment with connections between the cultural and the existential. They are often placed site-specifically, in public locations. Her stories depart from personal experiences of migration, using storytelling as a way to express a poetic relationship between the body and its geographical and spatial counterparts, while also looking deeper into the Southeast Asian diaspora through workshops and conversation.

website: https://saynotosu.hotglue.me/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saynotosu/